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Ryan Cabrera on Ex Ashlee Simpson's Viral SNL Appearance

Ryan Cabrera steps Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef to discuss his music career & time on reality tv with exes Ashlee Simpson & Audrina Patridge. Listen now!

Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: RYAN CABRERA - (on his Music, Ashlee Simpson, Audrina Patridge, The Hills, Avril Lavigne, New Fiancé):

Ryan Cabrera steps Behind The Rope. Yes, THAT Ryan Cabrera. Brilliant famed musician, singer, songwriter whose debut album “Take It All Away” spawned the Top 15 mega hit “On The Way Down”, a song forever stuck in our minds, in a good way! Let us start at the beginning. Ryan was discovered by Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s Dad, Joe Simpson, while playing an acoustic show in Dallas. Two days later he was living in Los Angeles in the Simpson Household. With a room next to Ashlee’s, the two became fast and good friends, a friendship that later blossomed into a romance after Ashlee appeared in his video. That romance was documented, in part, on the hit MTV Reality show, "The Ashlee Simpson Show". Ryan discusses what it was like to film that show with Ashlee, how it helped catapult him into the public eye, and the effect that had on his music sales. Speaking of hit MTV Reality Shows, we discuss friend Jessica Simpson’s Reality Show with then husband Nick Lachey, “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica” - the fact that at the time it was one of THE biggest reality shows ever to date, how “real” the show was, Jessica’s Viral “Chicken of The Sea Moment”, and Nick and Jessica’s relationship. Ryan also opens up about Jessica’s Billion Dollar Empire, the misperception of her as a “Dumb Blond”, and some of the many revelations in her earlier this year released Autobiography “Open Book”. Ryan also chats with us about then Girlfriend Ashlee Simpson’s viral SNL appearance, how that almost side railed the trajectory of her career, and what Ashlee really thought about the fallout from that fateful night. Having moved on to Audrina Patridge, we talk about that on-again, off-again relationship and what it was like to be back on Reality TV as the result of a relationship, this time on the super hit “The Hills” and many years later during an on-again phase, “The Hills: New Beginnings”. Then, of course, there was Avril Lavigne. All’s well that ends well, Ryan just got engaged to the love of his life, WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss. Ryan is kind enough to share all the details about how they met, got engaged, and the upcoming extravaganza. Wait, isn’t this chat supposed to be about Ryan’s music? He has a stellar new song dropping this week “Overthinking” with Superstar Indie Artist Tara Hack. Make sure to check that track out as soon as you are done listening to this episode!

*David's Dish - Where the Stars Eat, Drink, & Dish*

Andiamo Steakhouse

301 Fremont St,

Las Vegas, NV 89101

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Spotted dining at the Vegas restaurant with now fiancée WWE star Alexa Bliss this June. What's better than steak & a serenade from Ryan Cabrera?!

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