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SHAHRESTED: Our Legal Expert Emily Baker Weighs in on Jen Shah Case

Shahrested! Former LA Prosecutor Emily D. Baker steps BTVR to help us make sense of the Jen Shah & Erika Jayne Legal Troubles.

Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef

FULL INTERVIEW ON APPLE PODCASTS: SHAHRESTED & ERIKA / TOM Divorce (An Analysis w/ Former LA Prosecutor Emily D. Baker, Esq.):

Jen Shah has been arrested. Shahrested! Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi are getting a divorce. Erika and Tom Girardi have all sort go legal battles they are currently engaged in. Britney Spears is in a conservatorship which has caused the world to chant the slogan, ‘Free Britney”. So many legal issues, so little time. Former LA Prosecutor Emily D. Baker, steps Behind The Rope to help us make sense of it all (despite the fact that David is an attorney, Emily has been call in as the expert!). Emily and David discuss the rumored events of how Jen Shah’s arrest went down - Federal Agents pulling over a van full of Salt Lake Housewives en route to Colorado - and the process needed to secure a Federal indictment and subsequent arrest. Emily then translates the federal charges in layman’s terms explaining what conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering actually means. Emily breaks down what happens now that Jen has plead non-guilty, what the next few weeks look like for her, the looming Trial in October, the “other” 10 indicted back in 2019, Jen Shah’s moniker as “top dog” in the alleged scheme, the rapid rate at which this case is moving and stability of her job on RHOSLC. Shifting gears, Emily highlights the key points in the Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi case - the divorce, the forced bankruptcy, the ongoing criminal investigation, Tom’s conservatorship and Alzheimer’s / Dementia claims and last, but certainly not least, Erika’s bizare behavior on her Instagram account. Regarding both Jen and Erika, we discuss how likely it is that we will really see this all play out during next seasons RHOSLC and RHOBH respectively. Finally, while we have legal guru expert Emily D. Baker, we couldn’t help but end with a chat about the one and only Miss Britney Jean Spears - her conservatorship, the real chances of it ever ending, and what we predict the future looks like her. Thank you Emily. We must do this again soon!

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