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"Sustainable Shane" Coopersmith on His Firing From Below Deck

Below Deck's Shane Coopersmith steps Behind The Velvet Rope to discuss filming the hit Bravo show & the reality behind his recent firing from reality television.

Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: Below Deck's Sustainable Shane (on this Season, his departure, recent WWHL Appearance, Kate Chastain, Andy Cohen & Sustainability!):

Below Deck’s Sustainable Shane Coopersmith steps Behind The Rope. Current Season Eight Deckhand, that is. Or should we say just terminated Season Eight Deckhand. No shade, we loved our chat with Shane. Those are just the facts. Shane chats about how he was cast, his self admitted lack of real world yachting industry experience, and being thrown on board, almost literally, with no prior training by Bravo to be a part of this Season Eight of Below Deck. Shane chats about the challenges of the actual job he was hired to do with no real world experience versus the challenges of the ever present Bravo cameras to make a good TV show. He chats about how he planned to use the Below Deck platform to spread the word about sustainability, he is “Sustainable Shane” after all, and how he feels about the fact that the majority of sustainable footage filmed, paper straws aside, ended up on the cutting room floor. Speaking about Below Deck footage, Shane explains the truth about the several scenes the audience saw which led to his termination and details what we did not see as viewers surrounding those “heavily edited” scenes. Of course, we address his recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live (WWHL) where he decided to chat about sustainability rather than answer all of Andy Cohen’s questions surrounding current season Below Deck Drama. Shane explains what was going through his mind during this appearance and what happened off air during comercial breaks. Finally, Shane responds to both Kate Chastain and Andy Cohen’s comments earlier this week regarding this WWHL appearance and their perception of just how real is his commitment to the growing problem of sustainability in today’s society. Of course, we chat about relationships with current cast members Elizabeth, James, Eddie, Francesca, Ash, Izzy, Rachel and last, but certainly not least, Captain Lee.

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