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The Fashion Moments at Le Diner en Blanc

On Thursday, August 18, 2022, Philadelphia celebrated the10th anniversary of Le Diner en Blanc. Co-organizers Natanya DiBona and Kayli Moran brought the event back to its original location from 2012 at Logan Square. Logan Square was designed by French architect Jacques Gerber and is modeled after Paris's Champs Elysees. The weather was perfect and the night included more than 75 performers. I loved every minute of seeing thousands of people enjoying themselves in our city but most of all, I loved the fashion. Yes, you need to wear all white. No, there are not exceptions. And the ensembles did not disappoint! Here are some of my favs:

Behold Soku Massimo. He was a first-time attendee and freelance stylist from Philly. I noticed him right away because of his amazing cape. He said he was looking for "something extra" and it was reminiscent of the Marvel character, "Moon Knight." He also wanted to add a "kinky" element with pieces he incorporated here. Soku also had incredible rings and other jewelry. the "fork" ring and "fork bracelets" are by a local Philly street designer named Nemon Buckery. Most of the pieces came from Amazon.

For Ruby Amamze, it was all about finding something sustainable. Her dress is from The Real Real. She said she often mixes vintage and sustainable pieces in her looks. She wanted something "very different" and said she was drawn to this because it reminded her of a sculpture. She also loved the structure and pockets. And isn't she just stunning? Amamze is from Philly and was also a first-time attendee.

Ramil Carr aka Ramillionaire (Philly) has a new fashion line coming out called Ramilli. He designed this fabulous white sequined suit look. He told me his line is for those that want to look "red carpet ready" and "people who want to be a star." I'm in! His website is in the works now so be sure to look for the entire launch soon.

Ramil was walking the square with Monique Smith (Philly) and designed her ensemble as well. It was a statement and she pulled it off beautifully. A wonderful muse for his talents. I can't wait to see more.

I loved the elegance and effortlessness of Jasmine Philip's (Marlton, NJ) ensemble! She was a second-time attendee who loves mixing high/low. Her suit was by ASOS and her shoes were by Louboutin. She said she wanted something she could "shimmy" in and was inspired by Tina Turner. Love the inspiration but can't help but notice the real star here are her legs for days.

David Gendelman (Conshy) stood out in his dapper gentleman attire. I asked if he was a first-time attendees and he revealed his wristful of prior year bands from the event. He said he jumped in at year two and has attended since. Most of his pieces are from Amazon but each year he likes to add something new to his ensemble. One of his add-ons was this pocket watch which was a gift from his wife. His personality was as winning as his look!

The first thing I noticed about Melissa Brown was this incredible bejeweled facepiece which I literally wanted to steal! The rest of her look was stand out as well. Her dress is from Fashion Nova and sequined boots by Betsey Johnson. And that face jewelry was an Etsy find. Melissa is on the planning team for Le Diner en Blanc.

Later in the evening, I met Kyle Sol (Philly) with his lovely wife who were also first-time attendees. This caftan piece was from Amazon. He said he was drawn to it because it "represented the culture" and was reminiscent of "royalty." Also, instead of a cocktail, he was traveling around with a wine glass full of gummy bears which was definitely something I did not see again during the night. But I'm here for the candy!

What is your favorite look? Comment and let us know.

Check out for more info on how you can attend in 2023. This past June, the team also held the very first Le Diner en Blanc in Atlantic City. Hopefully that will continue in 2023 as well.

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