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Food Network's Chopped Winner Chef Tim Witcher Talks The Wing Kitchen's New Jersey Specialties

As most of you know, not only am I a foodie, but I am also a die hard biscuit and cornbread fan. Those of you really close to me, know I can't pass up getting the fried Oreos at any of the festivals or boardwalk confectionaries, and love mostly anything fried. So when I saw that a New Jersey restaurant was offering fried cornbread, fried donuts, and award winning chicken wings - that are "The best in the tri-state", you know I had to check it out!

It just so happens that I started following The Wing Kitchen on social media, after seeing a television segment featuring the fried donuts - so it's been on my bucket list to check them out. Then by what I like to think is divine intervention, an issue with my car led me to the DMV in Runnemede, NJ, which was just a few miles from this mecca of all things delicious.

Fortunately, since I had some time on my hands, I took a ride to The Wing Kitchen, Turnersville location which is connected to the Wedgewood Country Club, and just so happened to stumble upon their ever-so-popular food truck which is normally all over the state! Thankfully, I had contacted the restaurant prior, so they approved an interview with the Chef, but at their Glassboro location which was only a few miles away - so I headed there.

As soon as Chef Timothy (Tim) Witcher came in, I knew right away that our interview would be a lot of fun (see a fun highlight compilation here)! Check out what this Food Network Chopped winner has to say about his popular New Jersey Restaurant, all of his delicious specialities, what his mom thinks, and some fun facts about the chef!

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Visit or call the location near you, to place your take out or delivery order!⠀ ⠀

*TWK Glassboro⠀ 114 High Street West (856) 226-3927⠀ ⠀

* TWK Turnersville⠀ 200 Hurffville Road⁣ (856) 270-2149⠀ ⠀

** Hours of Operation at both locations! Monday | 4-8 PM⠀ Tuesday - Wednesday | 12-8 PM⁣⠀ Thursday - Saturday | 12-10 PM⁣⠀ Sunday | 12-8 PM⠀ ⠀

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