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TICKETS: Sinatra & Rydell A Spectacular Journey to the Golden Age of Entertainment

Tickets: $65.00 include dinner and show

{cash bar}

Doors Open: 6:00 PM

Cocktail Hour: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Buffet Dinner: 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Show: 8:15 to 10:00 PM

Galdo's Catering and Entertainment

1933 W. Moyamensing Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19145

Check out what Brandon and Zach had to say about the event and their love for the artists they admire:

What can guests expect with this Philadelphia show? 

The evening will be a trip back to the golden age of entertainment. Very much like an old Vegas casino show.  After cocktail hour, guests will be invited into the main room for a delicious buffet dinner. About halfway through dinner, the City Rhythm Big Band will play light jazz standards. After dinner, the show will start. We will be using the ORIGINAL arrangements adding extra authenticity.    

For Brandon: What inspired you to become a Frank Sinatra impersonator, and how did you first get into it?

I am not an Impersonator. I grew up with my grandparents, and Frank Sinatra was my Grandmother's favorite artist. This music quickly became my absolute favorite. It is my goal to keep it alive, and to present this music in its most authentic form.

What's your favorite Frank Sinatra song to perform, and why?

My favorite Sinatra song is Cole Porter's "I've Got You Under My Skin". I remember hearing it for the first time when I was about 6 years old. Nelson Riddle's arrangement, and Sinatra's performance are absolute perfection! I have been singing for 13 years, and this song has been in EVERY show. Every time I hear that arrangement, I still get that feeling of being six years old and hearing it for the first time.  

How do you go about capturing Frank Sinatra's style and mannerisms in your performances?

 I don't do it intentionally. I have listened to, and watched so many of Mr. Sinatra's performances that it just seems to happen when I walk onstage.

Can you share any interesting stories about times when you felt like you really embodied Frank Sinatra in a performance?

That's a tough one. After every performance I tend to think about what I could do to improve the show. What I can say is there is usually 1 moment in every show where everything just feels right, and it's the best feeling in the world.

If you could have met Frank Sinatra in person, what would you have wanted to ask him or talk to him about?

After I found the courage to speak, I would ask about how he approached a song, and what his thought process was when selecting music for a performance. Selecting the songs is the hardest part for me. They are all so good, I never want to leave any out!

For Zach:

For Zach: How did you first become interested in performing Bobby Rydell songs?

I was first introduced to Bobby Rydell when I was 12 years old. The summer camp I attended was doing a production of Bye Bye Birdie. Naturally, I was cast as Hugo Peabody. After doing some research on the role I discovered his music. 

What makes Bobby Rydell's music special to you, and why do you enjoy performing it?

I enjoy performing his music because I have so much respect and admiration for the music and the man. Not many people can say that they had the pleasure of  meeting  their idol, yet alone sparking a friendship. 

How do you go about emulating Bobby Rydell's voice and stage presence in your performances?

Honestly, it comes naturally. I know that sounds cliché but it’s true. I believe what helps me is preparation. Not just singing the music, but understanding the lyrics.

Have you ever had any particularly memorable performances or interactions with audience members while performing as Bobby Rydell?

I was performing once down in Wildwood, New Jersey and I had a lady turn to her husband after I sang a song and say, “He sounds just like Bobby Rydell”. Crazy part was I was not even singing a Rydell song! 

If you could perform with Bobby Rydell in person, what song would you want to perform together?

I actually had the pleasure of performing with him down in Wildwood. We sang a few duets and ended the set with Wildwood Days. (As one does in Wildwood) He allowed me to take the lead and he sang backup. I fumbled on a lyric or two.  I heard sarcastically behind me, “That’ll work too”! It’s definitely a memory I won’t forget. He was truly a unique performer and the best to come out of South Philadelphia. 

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