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Ventura's Beer Garden Opens on the Beach in Margate

While many restaurants are adapting to a new normal during the coronavirus pandemic, Ventura’s Greenhouse is the location for Margate’s first-ever beer garden on the beach. After the permits and plans were in place, owner Lou DiVentura was determined to attract customers, so what better way than with a cold drink as you sit in the sand?!

The new beach addition, rightfully dubbed Ventura’s Beer Garden, only took two weeks to build and offers customers, legally able to drink, a place to escape and relax.

As of right now, each table is placed strategically 6-feet apart and adorn with an umbrella. But don't get nervous about the sand getting too hot for your toes, there's also a portion with wooden flooring - something for everyone! And if you need a boozy refreshment, you can grab one directly from the bartender.

“If I wasn’t working I’d be out there everyday myself,” said manager Barbara Scheetz. However, if you don’t feel like getting sandy, there are two upper-level decks overlooking the beach that are just as fun, and you can still catch that ocean breeze. DiVentura has owned this hotspot for more than 35 years, so although the recipes stay the same, he’s always investing back into his business, and offering his customers more. Back in 2014, DiVentura remodeled his Rooftop Deck, and before that he added the Tiki Deck in 2002. Yet if you’re not the outdoorsy type and prefer to eat inside, don’t worry there’s a place for you too. You can dine casually in the downstairs Café, or get fancy in their upstairs Dining Room. However due to coronavirus regulations, indoor dining is currently suspended. “It really is a unique place that has something for everyone,” Scheetz said. Oh yeah, did we mention the restaurant’s neighbor is Lucy the Elephant, so you can't miss us! Ventura’s Greenhouse is located at 106 S. Benson Ave. margate City, NJ

Article Written By: Jackie Lenegan a.k.a. Jax Loder

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