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Wendy Osefo on Her Reaction to Candiace Dillard & Monique Samuels' Physical Altercation on RHOP

Fresh off her Freshman season of Real Housewives of Potomac, Wendy Osefo steps Behind The Velvet Rope to discuss everything that went down! A must listen!

Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: RHOP's Wendy Osefo - (Reflects Back on Freshman Season / Looks Ahead To Season Six):

Wendy Osefo, fresh off her Freshman season on The Real Housewives of Potomac, steps Behind The Rope. Contract in hand for Season Six, Wendy is here to reflect back upon her just finished Freshman Season and look ahead as to what is to come for The Real Housewives of Potomac Next Season - Season Six. That reunion! Can we talk? What a season it has been for RHOP!!! Where to begin? After a brief chat with Wendy about her Nigerian background, many degrees, yes we all know she is super smart, family life with Eddie and the boys and what originally brought her to the DMV area, we get right into what ya all are here to chat about. Piping’ hot tea from this past season of RHOP. Wendy discusses why she originally got involved with the show, potential reservations in joining, the realities of filming versus her perceived expeditions, and just what she knew and didn’t know joining an already established cast in the Fifth Season of a hit Bravo Housewives show. Of course, we also discuss the physical altercation between Candiace Dillard and Monique Samuels heard and seen around the world answering questions such as what was going through Wendy’s mind before, during and after, was she scared, could she believe what she was seeing, did she think this was “normal” Housewives’ behavior and did she think of resigning considering this was “not what she signed up for”. Wendy also dishes with us on her other cast mates Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, Ashley Darby, and last, but certainly not least, Karen Huger. Speaking of The Grand Dame, Wendy chats with us about Karen’s dislike of her and the real reasons why she thinks Karen does not like her - it is not what we see or hear at the reunion. Looking ahead to Season Six, Wendy and David discuss Monique and Candiace, both of whom have contracts in hand, and how they feel next season should, and most probably will, differ from this season past. (Monique Samuels has just announced that despite being offered a contract, she has resigned from RHOP after appearing on the show for four years). Finally, Wendy asks David, who she calls a "Housewives Aficionado”, for advice on Seasons to come to which, of course, he gives his no holds bar answers. An episode, not to be missed.

*David's Dish - Where the Stars Eat, Drink, & Dish*

In honor of Wendy Osefo, we HAD to give a shoutout to her name's origins in this David's Dish. In Season 5, Wendy revealed she was named after the fast food chain Wendy's because that is where her father began his career upon moving to America. Celebrate the American dream with a Wendy's Frosty (or two!)

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