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What to Wear on Election Day

In these weeks leading up to November 3rd, things are getting more and more contentious between the red and blue parties. Hopefully one thing we can all agree on is the importance of exercising your right to vote.

Due to the pandemic, you may have made the choice to stand in line at the polls on Election Day, or maybe you're submitting your ballot via the mail. No matter how you do it, the question is, What will you be wearing to cast your vote? Here are some great options to vote in style!

H&M USA launched a limited-edition collection in partnership with artists from across the country to celebrate of National Voter Registration Day. Artists include: Artists Baron Von Fancy, Gunner Stahl, Joshua Vides, Sheila Rashid, Greg Mike, Sophia Chang, and Treyvonne Deveaux created custom artwork encouraging voter’s rights

100% of net proceeds will benefit I am a voter.

This limited-edition Vote T-Shirt was created to urge all Americans to actively participate in our democracy and cast their ballot in November. $40 from the purchase of every Vote T-Shirt to I am a voter. — a nonpartisan initiative that aims to increase voter participation nationwide.

Levi's has an entire VOTE collection you can view here

I have my own ensemble ready for casting my vote, and will share it on my instagram. So follow along at @beingfancyinphilly or @areyounetworked, and I will be using the hashtag #myvoterensemble. You should do the same, this way when we search this hashtag, we can see what we all wore to vote.

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