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Who Was Worse to Bruno Duarte Off Camera On Below Deck...Kate Chastain or Captain Lee? He answers

Below Deck's Bruno Duarte steps Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef! Duarte spills ALL THE TEA on everything season 5 of the hit Bravo shit, and he does not hold back. Listen now!

Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: Below Deck's Bruno Duarte (on Kate Chastain, Captain Lee & The New Season) - Part I:

Below Deck’s Bruno Duarte steps Behind The Rope. Bruno is here to - TELL - IT - ALL! Checking in from the home he shares with his Fiancé in France, Bruno wastes no time in telling us EXACLY what filming with Below Deck vets Kate Chastain and Captain Lee was like during Season Five of the hit Bravo TV Show. Hint, it isn’t too good. Holding nothing back and being completely honest, Bruno gives us a play by play of specific situations where he was not treated so kindly by both on camera as well as when the cameras weren’t rolling. He provides several examples which, quite frankly, left us completely agape and speechless. Speechless, which does not happen too often here Behind The Rope. Bruno explains how The Real World of Yachting differs from what we see on Below Deck each week as the drama plays out and the real perception of Below Deck, Captains Lee and Sandy, Kate Chastain and Hannah Ferrier in the actual working yachting industry. He also discussed “producer involvement” in filming the show and just how “real” the situations we see are versus what is contrived to make “good television”. On a lighter note, being from Portugal and having lived there most of his life, we HAD to ask what it was like when Queen Madonna decided to take up residence there and turn the country upside down. OMG. Tune in for Part One of our sit down with the one and only Bruno Duarte from Below Deck.

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Le SPInnaker

Marigot 97150

St. Martin

Filming location for Season 5 of Below Deck. Order the Flank Steak, like Kyle Nixon, but make sure you're not dining with Jennifer Howell if you don't want to share!

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