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Why #RHONY​ Is the Most Single Housewives Franchise...According to Elyse Slaine

Favorite "friend of" Elyse Slaine steps Behind The Velvet Rope (again!) to spill more on The Real Housewives of New York. Listen now.

Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef: Elyse Slaine - Catching Up with RHONY's Fav "Friend Of‪":

RHONY’s Favorite “Friend Of” Elyse Slaine, sorry Barbara Kavovit, is back for an unprecedented Fifth Time!!! We just cannot get enough of our friend, not “friend of”, Elyse. We catch up with Elyse to see how life has been on the Upper East Side and in Southhampton for Ramona’s Ex-BFF. Elyse fills us in on her day job, Cryptocurrency Trading, no we do not understand it any better than the last four times she was here, and her unofficial side gig of giving advice from time to time on her Instagram. Fear not for anyone who doesn’t understand Crytocurrency Trading, Elyse is going to be holding training videos on her Instagram. Her first student, the one, the only Leah McSweeney. No really, she is teaching Leah Crypto. For anyone who follows her closely, you will also know that “Ask Elyse” has become a semi-regular or regular, depending on the day and how the market is doing, thing for Elyse on her IG. On that note, being Valentines day and all, we couldn’t think of anyone better than to, well, seek advice from. Before we get there, everyone can breath a sigh of relief, yes, we chat with Elyse about the status of all her friendships with her other RHONY cast mates - LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Dorinda Medley and last, but certainly not least, Ramona Singer. We compare Spoilers and Fodder of what we have both heard from the set of current RHONY filming, and pry Elyse for any gossip that we may not know. You KNOW we are good like that. Since Elyse is here to give advice for Love Day, we break down the dating patterns and habits of all the aforementioned Real Housewives of New York, discuss what each of the women does wrong when trying to land a man, and discuss who we predict will first make it to the alter. Speaking of RHONY, we chat with Elyse about her newfound friendship with that other mentioned “Friend Of” Barbara Kavovit which started casually late last year and has blossomed into a full blown “romance” made for The Hamptons and NYC’s Upper East Side. Finally, we ask Elyse the top listener questions - yes y’all have sent in some good ones - that we have received regarding Love and Valentine’s Day and Elyse does not hold back in setting all you lovelies straight. Missing RHONY on your TV sets as much as us, tune in now for a catch up with the one and only Elyse Slaine.

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