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Why Showing Up As Yourself Leads To Success

Have you ever felt like you had to apologize for showing up as yourself? Or that you should modify your persona at work to be considered for new and exciting opportunities?

What if showing up as yourself is what makes you so unique and special, that it actually helps you stand out from the crowd and open more doors?

In this episode on Growth Through Conversation, I talked to Wendy Cartagena, a woman in tech who is empowering other women to invest. She’s on a mission to help young women find the tools needed to succeed in their personal and professional lives. And doing all this while proudly describing herself as unapologetically Latina.

I learned about Wendy’s story watching the reality competition TV series The Big Shot with Bethenny Frankel on HBO Max. On the show, Wendy competed to fill the role of VP of Operations for business mogul Bethenny Frankel and made it to the finale. Viewers get to see Wendy’s work ethic and determination with each challenge in the competition. And are also exposed to a little more authenticity than we’re used to seeing from a Latina woman on TV. Wendy is bold, “a little bit of a potty mouth,” as she puts it, smart and outspoken.

Watch now and hear Wendy tell me about:

  • What being unapologetically Latina on and off television means to her.

  • Why she launched Invested Millennial and her mission to connect women with investing knowledge and resources.

  • Why showing up as yourself leads to success.

If you’ve ever felt that showing up as yourself in business and in life may cause you to miss out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, this conversation is a must-watch. You’ll also learn about free resources to start investing wisely for the future.

Tell me in the comments one of your biggest takeaways from this conversation.

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