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Wildwood Daze: Breakfast at Pompeo's

Pompeo's Yesterday and Today

Photo on left: Wildwood 360. Photo on right: Pompeo's Facebook page.

There's just something about breakfast on the boards. The salt air, views of the beach, sounds of the ocean and squawking gulls dive bombing your table for food...ahhh, it's downright idyllic. I was hungry, literally, for that experience after riding my bike around the boards while out for another test run of the bike cam Saturday morning. I stopped by an old favorite for breakfast: Pompeo's at 17th and Boardwalk. It's about as north in North Wildwood you can go on the boards and really close to where the tram car starts its journey southward.

When I was growing up Pompeo's was a breakfast tradition (more about that in the video below). We hit it at least once every family and friends vacation here. The restaurant opened back in 1978 when the man from Plains sat in the White House and Fascination ruled nightly at near-by 1900 Boardwalk. Originally opened and owned by John Klug the restaurant and its sister property next door Little Nicky's pizza parlor sat idle for over half a decade until new owners resurrected both Little Nicky and Pompeo's earlier this year.

Photo: David Whitman

I sat at table outside for my breakfast but as you can see a lot vacationers were enjoying their Saturday morning coffee, eggs, 'cakes, or whatever inside welcoming back this Wildwood staple with empty stomachs and open wallets.

Photo: David Whitman

This classic sandwich board out front gives the passer-by some breakfast highlights.

Photo: David Whitman

Three of A Perfect Pair: Beach and boardwalk views outside from the inside at Pompeo's

Photo: David Whitman

Scrambled egg and shredded hashbrown deliciousness. I really like hot sauce. Can you tell?

Before closing five years ago Pompeo's was only open for breakfast but now you can enjoy a full array of Pompeo's goodness:

Breakfast 7:30 AM-12 PM or later

Thursday-Monday 5:30 PM-til*

They suggest reservations for dinner

Photo: David Whitman

Shhh...don't tell anyone that I have let you in on this little secret and remember whatever happens at Pompeo's stays at Pompeo's! Kappish? I believe I'll be back here for dinner very soon.

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