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Wildwood Daze: Let me take you to the beach

"A beach is a place where a man can feel he's the only soul in the world that's real."

-Sir Peter Townshend

"She had her drink in her hand she had her toes in the sand and whoa

What a beautiful girl, ah, yeah"-David Lee Roth

Sun, the sea, and summertime. It's late July and we are in the pupil of eye of the lazy, crazy days of summertime hurricane.

Nightime boardwalk shenanigans are certainly part of the Wildwood summer experience but so is the ages old trip to the beach and ocean. Those sandy lands filled with families, friends, lovers, beach umbrellas, ice cream and cold brew vendors, and of course sea gulls. Lots and lots of sea gulls flying above and walking below.

As I write this, I see the Silver Bullet cutting through the waves, taking passengers on another dolphin watching expedition. I'm currently sitting rooftop at Captain Jack's sipping a refreshing CBD-spiked banana daiquiri as I enjoy the late afternoon sun.

Below are some visuals from a recent trip to the beach. Enjoy!

Colorful umbrellas always dot the sandy beach landscape.

Cape May Whale Watchers boat cruising by.

A front row seat for all the wave-jumping action.

Banner planes are a long-time fixture in the skies above the seas on visits to the shore.

Scenes from a sun-soaked day at the beach.

It's headed right at us!!

Whew...potential disaster averted the Silver Bullet continues it's dolphin watching travels across the waves.

This kid was really enjoying his cool surfer on surfboard beach toy.

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