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Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Women to the forefront! Brewing slowly at first, then louder and now has reached a high peak. From “Future is Female” to demonstrations to the now center of attention in the Supreme Court, women are rising in society in new ways. Many have been great firsts, and still more today labor silently without the proper recognition they deserve. Thanks to them carving a path, today we are directors and leaders of companies, corporations and offices with the visionary fire that was always inside. Visible like never before and using the boom of social media to connect with each other, this is the time, more than ever to lift each other up. This week, continuing with the #buywomenowned campaign, two area women share their ambitions, businesses and social media.

Vetta Scott works overtime building her business and art. She relies on Instagram to share her artistry. The Philly photographer doesn’t rest, and isn’t waiting for anyone to do things for her - this much was apparent when I rode in her Uber late one night. The hustle is real! She works two jobs and does her main passion- photography- “on the side”, for now. But she’s working to make it her main focus and turns to Instagram to reach a broader audience.

Model: Marie

Photography is very meaningful to Vetta; She loves seeing people smile and tries to do that with her craft. “I love showing my style of work and want other people see what I do.” And she does a lot. She shared with me her favorite images, seen here and above, capturing her environment and gorgeous model Marie @attendmoi1. Instagram is Vetta’s way to network with people in Philadelphia and around the world. Follow her @vettaphilly_photographer.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of Instagram for me has always been that you can reach not only your close network, but someone on the other side of the world with a simple hashtag. It was really the first to capitalize on this, maximizing it effect. Now others have it, too, each with their pros and cons: Snapchat and others fly away, Twitter limits your characters, and with Facebook you really had to be “friends” with someone to have the greatest impact and visibility. (These are all BOTH the pros and the cons!) The "socials"-savvy are thriving.

Photo by Angelica Daniele

Facebook’s groups, pages, events, tags and “boosts” are a bridge for Philly native Angelica Daniele. Avid yoga practitioner, teacher, mover, entrepreneur, and enthusiast who loves to make people feel good about themselves, she takes advantage of the reach that social media offers. A master of all things dance and yoga, she recently fell into a great entrepreneurial opportunity with her yoga clothing line. LaLa Land Comfywear is her hot yoga clothing line designed to provide comfort and quality to all practitioners who love to sweat. Having recently taken it over, (it was already in operation for 10 years!), Angelica is ready to make some big changes. She feels that in the past, the industry in general “catered to a young, fit, female niche.” Under her new ownership, Angelica hopes to take the line in a new direction, “promoting positive body image and feeling good in your ‘second skin’ with expanded availability for more body types and sizes”, she says. With her brand, she emphasizes support, integrity and positive energy over the superficial, and is on a mission to connect the global hot yoga community.

Photo by Craig M Thompson

She doesn’t miss a day with her Facebook regiment, using 2 posts and 2 stories daily. Find all of her latest offerings and follow @lalalandcomfywear. Let’s support our sisters and the ladies of today, who will be our leaders and businesspeople of powerful companies and organizations tomorrow!

To feature a strong woman you know, email The City Pulse, or DM asyaz_dancemodel.

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