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I am so excited to be part of this vibrant team at The City Pulse. Some of you may remember me as the founder of Room For Hope, a pediatric cancer based non-profit which ran successfully for 12 years, through 2017. Since then, I graduated from Saint Joseph’s University with a MS in Organizational Development & Leadership. In 2020 when I received some unforeseen medical news life changed, but you can only look up, right? 


I've been working on multiple projects for different organizations to keep myself positively occupied.  I am a proud member of both Coalition Against Childhood Cancer and the Prep4Gold Survivorship Committee. 


In addition to my philanthropic work, my passions revolve around cooking, baking, and dogs!


You can find my pastry skills ( dog pastries) displayed at KB Bakery in Mays Landing on Main Street. My dog, Ava loves baking days! 


As for The Pet Pulse, did you know about 67 percent of American households currently have pets, which is up from 56 percent when the first such numbers were recorded back in the ‘80s. Pet parents love to travel with their furkids! Approximately 78 percent of Americans who have pets travel with them each year.


Hotels, coffee shops, and even restaurants have grown fond of the new trend. You will notice them welcoming pups with doggie treats and toys, to restaurants offering special doggie menus, and pup cups at the coffee shops. Even the travel and hospitality industries are doing their best to accommodate the rising pet parent demographic.


The Pet Pulse is here to keep you informed of all of the pawsome events to attend where your plus one can have fur & walk on all fours, to tips and tricks, and heartfelt wet-nosed moments to add a smile to your day. From news, pupdates, and interactive community contests and happenings we’re sure to keep your  hearts happy and your tails wagging. If you you have any questions or want to tell us something pet-friendly and  news-worthy we would love to hear from you! 


I look forward to connecting with you!


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