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Krystle J. Bailey is a multifaceted media professional and the engaging host of "The Coolest People in the World Podcast," where she shares inspiring stories of individuals from various walks of life. Her journey in media began in 2011 with the highly-regarded blog “Skinny Jeans Dreams.” Over the last decade, Krystle has gone on to publish her first book, “Nourish: A Journey to Loving and Embracing The Woman Within,” which led to a longstanding career in local South Jersey journalism. Through her experience as a storyteller, Krystle has written hundreds of articles about artists, business owners, creatives, restaurants, local happenings, non-profit organizations, and so much more.

With a passion for bringing out the best in people and sharing their unique stories, Krystle continues to make a significant impact through her diverse roles in the media landscape. Her dedication to authenticity and willingness to express vulnerability resonates with her audience, making her an influential figure in the podcasting community and beyond.

Krystle J. Bailey | Podcast Host & Author

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