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10 Tips to Help Restaurants Survive with Limited Capacity -- Part 1

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

  1. Don’t linger. It will be very difficult for restaurants to survive with fewer seats. They need to turn tables. Order, eat/drink and go.

  2. Tip generously. With fewer tables, it’ll be hard for servers to make a living. Plus, their jobs put them at risk.

  3. Over order. What are you doing tomorrow night? How about ordering more food, “to go”?

  4. Plan ahead. Try to minimize the times the server has to run in-and-out by asking for ketchup and water at the same time.

  5. Protect your server (& other guests). Wear a mask when you’re ordering or not eating.

  6. Don't be a spreader. Cough? sneeze? fever? Stay home.

  7. Go before you go. Try not to use the bathroom at the restaurant.

  8. Stay seated. Unless you absolutely have to go to the bathroom. And keep your kids seated too.

  9. Be patient. Everyone is learning a new process and trying to be careful. Be kind.

  10. Do your homework. Check the restaurant’s website and facebook page so you know whether you need to order in advance or if there are other rules to protect you and the staff. And check the menu so you can order quickly (see tip #1).

Note: Some of these ideas are from a post a friend shared on Facebook. He didn’t know who originally wrote it. And here are 10 more tips.

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