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6th Annual Cello Day Features Mamma Bella Cello & Liqueurs at Annata Wine Bar in Hammonton, NJ

Mamma Bella Cello & Liqueurs featured at Annata Wine Bar for the 6th Annual Cello Day!

DETAILS FROM THE OFFICIAL RELEASE: Woman and locally-owned handmade Cello & Liqueurs company, Mamma Bella Cello, to be featured in Hammonton-based Annata Wine Bar celebrating the 6th Annual Cello Day! Sip and Savor Mamma Bella’s featured beverages: Mammanata, Ciao Bella Sangria, Lemoncello Sorbet Splash, Blueberrycello-tini, Mamma’s Alibi, Mamma’s Mojito, Italian Greyhound, Spicy Jalapeno Margarita, S’more the Merrier Martini, and the Italian Job. Chef Matt has also created some amazing Cello infused menu items. This year we welcome back our local participating businesses Mannino’s Cannoli Express, Tales of the Olive, and From Scratch with their Cello-infused cannoli, baked goods, and olive oils. Exciting new additions to the event are Mamma’s new Orangecello, Rat Pack singer, Zach Taglioli, Somers Point Cigar Lounge, a VIP experience to meet the maker including prizes and giveaways.

Mamma Bell Cello, owned by Hammonton-native, Alison Brita, who also serves as the company’s CEO and Master Blender, continues to push through the glass ceiling in the Spirits world, promoting her product inspired by heritage and family worldwide traditions. “Cello Day for me is a big family dinner and I invite everyone to join me in celebrating everything Cello,” said Brita.

Cello, known traditionally as a chilled shot before or after a meal, has taken on a new twist, inspiring Mamma Bella award-winning products to a whole new level. All products are hand-crafted in small batches creating the perfect Cello and Liqueurs with old-world traditions infused with new-world design in various flavors including lemon, blueberry (local), grapefruit, orange, peppermint, pumpkin spice, and s’mores. These Cellos & liqueurs create endless possibilities for Martinis to Bellini's, coffee drinks, and as a special ingredient in baking.

You can learn more about Mamma Bella Cello by visiting their website at or following @mammabellacello on Instagram and Facebook. Mamma Bella’s award-winning Cello purchasing information and venues are available at

About Mama Bella LLC:

Mamma Bella Cello manufactures award-winning liqueurs and cello — a chilled before-or-after dinner drink - small-batch made locally in Hammonton. Varieties include lemon, grapefruit, orange, and blueberry, made with Hammonton blueberries, and seasonal favorites like s’mores cello, pumpkin spice, and peppermint liqueurs. Mamma Bella Cello was awarded the 2018 and 2019 NJ Liqueur Distillery of the Year by the New York International Spirits Competition. Other awards include Lemon (Gold), Pumpkin Spice (Gold), Peppermint (Gold), Blueberry (Silver), S’mores (Silver), and Grapefruit (Bronze).

For more information contact

Alison Brita, C.E.O.

Mamma Bella Cello


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