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Allenhurst's Historic Homes, Infamous Speed Trap and Free Parking

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Historic homes of Allenhurst overlook the beach. All photos by R.C. Staab

After leaving the contemporary beachfront homes of Deal Beach, turn back the clock a century and enjoy the small historic beach town of Allenhurst. Developed cohesively by one company starting in 1895, the town features popular architectural styles of the period—Colonial Revival, Queen Anne, Prairie, and Craftsman. With fewer than 500 people, Allenhurst has been able to resist development and, thus, garner a designation on the National Register of Historic Places for its Victorian, late 19th and 20th Century Revival architecture. Here are some good examples:

It's beachfront is only four blocks so it's easy to miss if you're walking along the beach from Deal to Asbury Park.

Two-block boardwalk on Ocean Place

Mister C's Bistro

Allenhurst offers something many towns wish they had -- a beachfront restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining. That's Mister C's Bistro which is surprisingly never busy and has a good reliable menu.

Mister C's Bistro (left) is next to the Allenhurst Beach Club

The town has its own train station and a few shops along Main Street. Like Deal residents to north, Allenhurst residents make Asbury Park their go-to location for dining and entertainment.

The Infamous Speed Trap

Driving south along the wide, four-lane Ocean Avenue in Deal, it's easy for drivers to push their foot on the gas. Asbury Park is in view. Suddenly, the four-lanes turn to town, and the speed limit drops


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to 25mph. Hello, speeders! The Allenhurst Police Department is infamous for sitting unobtrusively on Ocean Avenue eager to hand out speeding tickets to add to the town's coffers. Be warned! They seemingly are there day and night, 365 days a year.

Tips for Visiting Allenhurst Beach

What's New: Nothing.

Road Access & Parking: There is no charge for parking on the street, but a few spaces that are limited to two hours.

Amenities: With your beach badge, you can access the showers and restrooms for the daily beach badge holders at the Allenhurst Beach Club. As of now, membership at the Allenhurst Beach Club is full, and no new members are being accepted.

Beaches: Beach badges are only required weekends from May 29 through June 20 and then daily from June 21 to September 6. Daily beach badges are $10 for people 13 and over. There are no seasonal beach badges.

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