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Arts and Culture: Cooking with Love

Executive Chef Samuel Noh “NOHS” a thing or two about great food – the 39 year old from Bear, Delaware has worked in the restaurant industry for seventeen years between Philadelphia and New York. And he is a well-recognized face in the Philadelphia scene, with eight years of running the kitchen as Executive at Rouge Restaurant in Rittenhouse Square. But as we have seen too many times now, COVID has left him out of his regular work, instead providing opportunities for mentoring, teaching, and doing private events. Luckily for us, the rerouting of his day-to-day is bringing the magic of his kitchen to the public!

Photo by Anna Jackson

A profound respect for anything he does he learned from his parents, his role models. A model son himself, his passion took him to creating with food. “You take raw materials and through process create something magical”, Noh said. “Something that can transport you to a different time or place. Something that makes people smile and provides nourishment” - nourishment that he gave to his recent and vibrant fiancée, Anna, (who also takes his photos!) while they were quarantining like everyone else during the lockdowns. He made meals and posted on the socials.

“I am starting the classes because I’ve grown quite bored during this pandemic. I’ve been cooking at home a lot and posting photos of our dinners. The feedback has been great and several people have asked if I’d be interested in teaching”.

The chef’s pick: I asked Sam about his favorite ingredients to work with. Topping his list - Chipotle peppers, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, vinegars, and tomatoes. You can expect to be using some of these in your lessons. First up is a nod to his rich heritage: Korean BBQ. Up next, the chef will pick his favorite dishes, as well as student’s choice. Classes range from comfort home-style to advanced/upscale preparations.

Photo by Stuart Goldenberg

The classes are private - live in a virtual group or individual setting, depending on the client’s preferences at scheduling. And what can be better in this bleak pandemic time than to experience world-class cooking instruction from a world-class pro? For those lovebirds looking for couple’s classes – Sam knows just the right way to do it. After all, big things on the horizon for this talented chef. He continues to be inspired by his fiancée and he welcomes you to join his upcoming classes!

Everyone is invited to find him on Instagram: @chefsam81 and Facebook: Samuel Noh, to see his delectable creations. E-mail: or text (215) 313-9011 to schedule your classes today!

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