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Arts and Culture: More Cruising! Now Through April 5th

Last week, The City Pulse brought you the latest on the new and awesome live outdoor arts experience– Cruise Thru Events - An Artistic Drive Thru Experience, organized by Antoinette DiPietropolo and Charles Ford. Those who made it out for opening weekend, you may have seen some great fun. For those who haven't seen it yet, make sure to catch it this weekend, running now through April 6 at the Noyes Arts Garage. Bubbles, Miss America section, arts and crafts, and Broadway-inspired singing is just some of what you will find. The City Pulse spoke to just one of these performers for her take on how it's going, and just what she is bringing to the table (or garage!).

When I spoke to singer Gina Milo (Facebook and IG @ginadmilo) before the opening of the event, she was ramped up and ready to go. She really believes in the power of the arts and her connection to her singing is very personal, beginning at age four, singing for her beloved father. He passed when she was still young, but lives forever in her heart. “My dad was distracting me from the long car rides from Brooklyn to Long Island. But it grew into a deep love. What inspires me now is giving audiences a safe place to have emotional catharsis through laughter, tears or making people think. We need it more than ever.” She was particularly thrilled when asked to be part of this event, and wants to be a part of bringing live performances back to communities in a safe way.

Milo in Spamalot, photo by Brett Beiner

From the early years with her father and family, Milo made her professional debut on Broadway in Les Miz and has done several national and regional tours across the country. Her most recent roles include favorites like Tanya in Mamma Mia, Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, Ulla in The Producers and Sibella in Gentleman’s Guide. Though she’s mastered many roles over her career span thus far, her most treasured role happens to be mother to her daughter, Olivia. I asked her if her repertoire at Cruise was geared for children. She takes a much wider approach, with a range of favorite Broadway hits. Cabaret, Mama Mia, Beautiful the Musical and the Little Mermaid are all making a vocal appearance. “I asked myself: what would be good for my grandmother and my niece?” And with one solid hour of singing, as a soloist in colder-than-summer weather, the preparation and performance is no easy feat. Milo will prepare with vocal exercises and has structured for variety of the sounds it takes to perform the repertoire, but is excited to have picked a great program, geared for everyone, kids to the whole family. There will be oldies and goodies for the older crowd. Also on the menu: "Into the Unknown" from Frozen!

Milo with daughter Olivia, photo by husband Ken Mertz

What’s next for this talented young woman? She hopes to keep working and using her art to tell stories, and, of course, getting back to Broadway once the pandemic wave has really been put behind us. Milo and her family have spent some time in AC last summer and now are excited to be back. Learn more about her and her fabulous career at, and see her live at the event!

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