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Asbury Park is Going to the Dogs!

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

"Yappy Hour" is back and so Asbury Park is again going to the dogs - big dogs, little dogs, loud dogs, quiet dogs, plump dogs and skinny dogs! And we have one thing to say - Woof!

My friend and fellow dog lover, Debbie Delisa, has brought back the Asbury Park tradition at the Wonder Bar, so the "Yappy Hour Deck" beach, doghouses and pools are up and flowing! All of my pups have been avid fans of "Yappy Hour" from Goldie to Bailey and now Meia. Bailey, a large Golden Retriever, always loved to hog the big pool, but, a lesson to be learned, is that there is always a bigger pup around to nudge you out! Such, is "The Lay of the Land"! And while your pup(s) is enjoying some playtime with his/her new "hound" friends, you can sit and enjoy a beverage and snack with the humans. Does it get any better than this? In our family, not much!

Hanging out with furry friends and also living through a Pandemic, necessitates precautions to be followed.

"The Rules of the Run"

1. Dogs must be neutered and have current rabies tag or dog license.

2. Choke, prong or spike collars are not permitted.

3. Do not bring your own toys or dog food.

4. Keep an eye on your dog, and always pick up after your dog.

The "Yappy Hour" deck is for those 21 and over, but there is a connected fenced-in area with tables and chairs for those humans under 21 who would like to watch their two-legged best friends play and at the same time, to make sure they keep their paws to themselves!

Yappy Hour is open 7 days a week with Mondays set aside for small dogs (beagle size and smaller) from noon to 7 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all size dogs are welcome from noon to 7 pm and Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all size dogs from noon to 6 pm, with all hours weather permitting. See you there for food, fun and fabulous music with your best friend in Asbury Park.

Fifth & Ocean Avenues

Asbury Park, NJ


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I've always loved bringing my pup to Asbury Park! I've found that a stop dog barking device can be super helpful for anyone who's had issues with their dogs getting a little too vocal during outings. It ensures our dogs enjoy the place while staying courteous to everyone around. Great article, and I'm looking forward to more on this topic!

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