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Bars Shutdown in Las Vegas

Image by: Tim Mossholder

Last call is a phrase not used much when referring to Las Vegas, but just before midnight on Friday July 10th, all bars in Clark County were forced to shut down. Governor Sisolak of Nevada ordered all bars to return to phase 1 restrictions due to a spike in Coronavirus cases. Meaning if you don’t serve food, you must close and resume to curbside pick where applicable. Nevada among many other states in the Country had to rollback reopening phases due to an increase of positive cases.

All restaurants must close down their bar areas as well. Restaurants will still be able to serve alcohol to their guests, but for now you will be unable to get a drink at the bar. You can no longer grab a drink at the bar while you’re waiting for your table to be ready. Even if your bar as video poker machines they must shut down as well.

In states where there have been spikes, such as Arizona, Texas, and Florida, they have all taken the appropriate and immediate actions to roll back to earlier phases. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease doctor in the United States, he explains that being in a bar during this pandemic is the most dangerous place to put yourself. The Governor also expressed no more than 6 people at a table dining in a restaurant. He also is strongly encouraging and promoting food establishments to do outdoor dining instead of indoor dining. Las Vegas is a well known home to tourists, and is now even more of a hotspot due to California and Arizona shutting back down. We are seeing many of those residents coming to Las Vegas for a fun time too.

The bar shutdown is crucial to the survival of our small businesses. Small businesses are suffering, as bars begin to shut down again it’s going to be even harder for them to be able to reopen. The unemployment rate in Nevada is the highest in the Country, shutting down the bars will now put thousands of bartenders out of work once again. Many bartenders haven’t even received unemployment benefits from the first lockdown. The Governor explains, we need more Nevadans to comply with the mask rule, so we can slow the spread of Covid-19. The Governor made a choice to shutdown bars and mandate masks to hopefully slow the spread. As long as people begin to comply with the regulations to protect themselves and the people around them, bars will be able to reopen sooner than later.

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Written By: Giovanna Paolella

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