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Don’t Be Bored in the House Bored in the House Bored - Create!

Were you Bored in The House Roach-style since #quarantine hit? What did you do to pass the time? A. Self-reflect? B. Start a new business? C. Get a Tiktok account? or D. Create a dance film masterpiece? For Philly’s Sandy Mitchel, a dancer turned film artist, it was the last one, and she says it was boredom that made her look for creative opportunities. Last week I included Koresh Dance Company’s new films as must-sees. This weekend, All Dance Leads to Home premiered as yet another harmonious collaboration with Sandy, Roni Koresh and Karl Mullen. But how do you just do it? “There were no clear ideas” she says, about what to do when this unexpected opportunity arose out of COVID, but the artists spoke every day, working through ideas and moving forward. Sandy expertly shot several scenes and edited the clips.

Karl’s poetry sounds the film, while company dancers (including long-time member Melissa Rector) portray exquisite gestures, images and sweeping movements. Sandy captures it all. Another highlight is Roni himself (a mature company director, always shying away from speaking about going onstage again) inadvertently returning as a performer. Completely his usual effective self, this detail is underscored by Karl’s voice subtly observing “Roni, you’re still dancing.”

See the full film and more at Meanwhile, for Sandy, this is where her artistry has taken her, and she wants to go further. Maybe it's time you think about how film can enhance your art or business.

To connect with Sandy about her bad-ass video-editing, you can write to her at Times are unprecedented, but don't let that stifle your ways of thinking. This may be a great time to explore something new!

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