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Decide Backwards for Delicious Results

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On Wednesday evening, I taught an online masterclass for members of my virtual community on Activating Intuition for life and business mastery.

You see, Intuition is the inner decision-making technology that everyone has and most don't know how to use. Or use reliably. But have you ever listened to your intuition and regretted it?

Of course not.

So inside the class, I taught a technique that I use frequently with my clients who desire sustained weight loss and freedom from food obsession. It's called Deciding Backwards. The way it works is this: the next time you are hungry, the first thing you do is go and sit (if possible) and become mentally quiet. Then, you listen for your body to inform you of what it craves. And then, most importantly, you find a way to create that experience.

We are programmed in our culture to do the opposite. When we're hungry, we look around and take mental note of the available options and choose from those. What do we have already in the house? What's around us right now? Fast food? Who's delivering now? Pick up pizza? I guess we could order Chinese again.

This limits all possibility, stifles all creativity and reinforces the unconscious (and untrue) belief that we are at effect of the external circumstances of our experience-- that the options we think we see in front of us are the only options on the menu.

Whereas, deciding "backwards," starting from what our Intuition points us to, drops us back into the natural rhythm of creating experience from desire. Is it plants you're craving? Steak frites? Ice cream? Fatty fish?

It's fun to do, and not as tricky as it sounds. And it isn't just for people whose desire is to lose weight. What this tool actually does is guide you into the loop of intuiting desire, taking inspired action toward that desire, and reinforcing the clarity and consistency with which Intuition will show up next time because you've honored it this time.

This is the way I enjoy all my meals now. Yes, that means occasionally I end up at the supermarket at 9pm. There are evenings where my dinner plans go right out the window and I end up in the car on the way to AC. In a community where there is sooo much good food to eat, this is not a bad thing people!!!

And so I leave you with three incredible local dining experiences I've had recently using my own internal GPS.

Photo by Charlee DeFebbo

No Reservations - Galloway, NJ

"After Midnight"

Who among us hasn't concocted something equally scandalous after a night out in the city? Prosciutto, Brie cheese, and Nutella stuffed inside Challah French toast and topped with arugula, pecans and a hot honey & maple drizzle? Chef Eric's version is undoubtedly more artful than anything I've ever made, but it's like he was reading my mind when he put this on the menu.

Setaara - Atlantic City, NJ

"Homa's Kabob"

Really every nook and cranny of Setaara is an experience to be savored, from the traditional floor seating alcoves to the hanging gardens in the courtyard, through the local artists' work adorning the walls and the inspired Afghani-French cuisine coming from the kitchen. Executive Chef Homa's Kabob is tender, juicy marinated leg of lamb atop carrot-and-raisin-flecked Afghani rice and is nothing short of exquisitely international.

Seven Tap-Tavern - Egg Harbor City, NJ (Blue Heron Pines Golf Club)

"Grilled Caesar Salad with Salmon"

Never have I ever chosen a salad for my meal, until a couple of weekends ago when I stopped here after a pool day. Though it's located in Ron Jaworski's Blue Heron Pines Golf Club, this local sports bar is open to the public. I came in thinking I wanted the Prime Rib Panini, but it was the Grilled Caesar with Salmon that my eyes and my mind kept returning to. But salmon? At a tavern? I reasoned with myself. There's no possible way they're using a good piece of fish. And even if they do, they'll probably cook it to hell, so no point in requesting it medium rare. But I followed my Intuition anyway.

This is the first time I've ever used the word "outstanding" to describe a salad. I was presented with the most delicately flakey, gorgeously-grilled piece of salmon resting on a bed of whole romaine and meaty strips of zucchini, red pepper, and red onion. All charred to grilled food perfection. I had leftovers (get the mozz sticks too) and they didn't even make it to the next day.

For access to the Activating Your Intuition Masterclass, please send an email to You can read more of my work and apply to work with me directly at my website, here.

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