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Wild in the Woods: Dinner at The Dogtooth in Wildwood

Have you ever found yourself hungry on a Saturday night and nothing in the fridge appeals to you? Of course you have, it's a common dilemma which is one of the reasons why food delivery skyrocketed during the Pandemic.

Well imagine this happening in a resort beach town in early June. So you can understand my dilemma. Fortunately, I was able to get into The Dogtooth Bar and Grill downtown tout suite at the bar which was by far my best bet. So that's where I laid my wager. I was not disappointed.

One of the great things about the Dogtooth is an eclectic and Vegan friendly menu. On times I've wanted to vedge up both the spinach in olive oil and garlic and the asparagus sides have filled me up deliciously. On this night however I had my eyes on the deep blue seas, namely the Rock Bass fresh catch of the day special.

The bass came equipped with grilled asparagus and a heaping of garlic mashed comfort food made from our favorite tuber.

Rock Bass on my plate and in its natural habitat before winding up on a plate.

(Rock Bass photo on right from

Eating at a bar sans alcohol-laden beverage usually draws raised eyebrow from bartender who sees his tip amount dip and other patrons who wonder why a guy drinking water is taking up prime drinking real estate.

The fish came with a cream sauce which I requested to be put on the side because I wanted to really enjoy the taste of the fresh-water residing rock bass.

Look, I'm no Zagat reviewer but it was damn good piece of fish. The outside was grilled and crispy, but not burnt and the bass filet was flaky and moist. Bass is flavorful fish without having that fishy taste which turns many off from eating fish. The bartender was very attentive and quickly grabbed me some EVOO and pepper flakes to add to my meal when I requested them.

As you see it was a busy Saturday night at the Dogtooth and the drinks were flowing. I even snapped a quick photo of a chocolate martini being poured.

The special sauce of the Chocolate martini.

The drink menu features a libation for every palate.

If you're wondering about the origin of the name the restaurant's menu proudly features it within it's menu:

The Dogtooth, owned by the same people who run Mudhen Brewing up the street on Rio Grande and Poppi's next door, also has a nice patio to enjoy a dinner or drinks on a Wildwood summer night after a day at the beach or on the boards.

Oh, and if you're looking for lunch deals the Dogtooth offers daily $8.95 specials till 4pm.

Dogtooth Bar & Grill is located on100 E. Taylor Wildwood.

Open daily at 11am.


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