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DJX Announces DJ Industry Summer Camp for Youth

DJX is considered the largest, longest running and most impactful gathering of DJs in The Americas, with over 5000 attendees that migrate to Atlantic City each August. And this has been consistent of the last three decades.

This Summer, they just announced their continued commitment to the future, with nXt@DJX, a new initiative aimed at fostering the future of the DJ industry, launches a series of programs during DJX’23.

The nXt DJ Summer Camp at DJX’23 will take place from August 7-10, 2023, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, N.J. and will offer students aged 13-19 with hands-on instruction from professional and celebrity DJs in a 90-minute session each day.

The camp is a collaboration between DJX, DJ LIFE Magazine, and Hazan Media Group, aimed at fostering the future of the DJ industry. Coach

HAPA, a national leader in federalizing DJ education will lead the nXt DJ Summer Camp and provide students with valuable life skills and DJ techniques to succeed in the industry while providing inspiration, instilling confidence, and teaching students how to work in teams to succeed in life. Our celebrity DJ instructors all have experience in educating emerging and future talent.

Additionally, they are hosting the #UPnXtDJ Contest with BASSBOSS and #NoChaser Kidz DJ Café, providing 8-19 year-olds with a global opportunity to showcase their skills and win incredible prizes.


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nXt is an ongoing commitment and call to action to provide opportunity for our future DJ talent to be heard, discovered, educated, and inspired year-round.

nXt offers the industry’s brands, dealers, professional DJs, and thought-leaders a first look at the influencers of tomorrow, gain insights on the future consumer and maintain brand identity.

nXt advocates the industry’s wellness by instilling confidence, offering encouragement, developing life skills, mentoring, and fostering inclusivity for emerging talent. It is the industry’s bridge between today and tomorrow.

nXt launches at DJX’23 with the following initiatives: The nXt DJ Summer Camp led by Coach Hapa, the #UPnXtDJ Competition, a nXtGames lounge on the DJX show floor, nXt Mixers, and nXtPerformance opportunities.

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