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Feeling Presidential in "D.C."

Last month, I wrote an article about moving our son into Washington, D.C. ("DC"), and we travelled together around the city. We just came back from another FUN weekend exploring, so join me here for our adventures in "Part 2"!

You can't help but feel a bit "Presidential" in this city, and with this being an election year, it puts just about everything a bit more into perspective. Every step I took was filled with history and reinforcements that we are the home of Democracy - "Home Of The Free - Home Of The Brave." With my birthday being "Flag Day", I adore flags and they are everywhere here! Walking down "Embassy Row" is a lesson in flags as each embassy is adorned with their own.

Our weekend began with meeting our new "Grandbaby", Bentley, a 10 week old golden retriever pup. Golden Retrievers have been part of our family for a few decades, so this was a special moment. And, if you have ever had a Golden Retriever, or you are a dog lover in general, you know exactly what I'm talking about! After some play time, we were off to "Dinner by Glenn" which is always delicious!

At this point, I already have a few favorite restaurants and "must stops" here in D.C. which include bakeries, wineries, breweries, shops and parks, but it was now time to explore some more! This is a walking city (and bike city), so off we went on foot to sprint around the National Mall with a dinner stop at The Alibi (, an old British pub steps from the Capital. It is always a bit warmer here in D.C., so we enjoyed outdoor dining on this late October night. But, I have to admit that I am looking forward to dining indoors our next visit as it is very cool! I feasted on "Bangers and Mash", and enjoyed a happy hour $5 "cosmo". My family ordered the chicken wings, chicken pot pie, sandwiches and some great libations. Yummy! Then an after dinner walk ensued with beautiful views of lit monuments, with Bentley leading the way.

Tenleytown off of "Embassy Row" is located in Northwest, Washington D.C. and is filled with history, walking paths, shops and restaurants. You'll eat like a college or law school student everywhere, as this is home to American University and the Washington School of Law. There are restaurants, coffee houses, shops and food stores lined on both sides of the street with beautiful architecture to discover along the way.

On a beautiful sunny Saturday, we returned to Georgetown and first to Georgetown Waterfront Park which is one of my many, many favorite sections of D.C. We began our day on the Waterfront which is simply gorgeous! I am both a beach and city girl (a Gemini!), so a city on the water is perfect for me! Restaurants of all cuisines line the waterfront from Mediterranean, Mexican and Italian with drinks offered at small outdoor bars lined up along the way. This is a busy place so be prepared to wait if you can't get a reservation We sat curbside with Bentley at the pet friendly restaurant Guapo's ( The food was fresh and delicious, and the view of the sparkling Potomac River is simply beautiful and an added plus. If you have time, take one of the many boat cruises offered here out on the water.

Then it was time for something sweet. If you are familiar with Levain in NYC, and know there is a location in Georgetown ( , then you'll also know that's where we went! The line always looks pretty scary, especially now during the pandemic when only a few people can be inside at the same time, but fear no more, this crew is fast and keeps the line moving. The wait of 15 minutes was definitely worth it for these 6 ounce cookies of dark chocolate, peanut butter and walnuts. Be prepared, as these are HUGE and not for an amateur cookie lover!

Sunday brought us to one of everyone's favorite restaurants, Indigo in NoMa ( , for take-out. I enjoy sitting at the bar waiting for my take out, almost as much as dining on the patio. This is a FUN place and the Butter Chicken is the best I've every had. Enjoy!

Our additional visits included our now regular Red Bear Brewing ( for the limited release of "Dissent beer". After some shopping along the way, our next destination was Tatte Bakery and Cafe ( Between sampling this menu both in Boston and now, D.C., I think that I can recite it by heart and rate every menu item 5 stars - more if there were! Some suggestions include Honey Halva Coffee, berry cheesecake, pistachio cheesecake, pistachio croissant, and honey drizzled brownie.

While winding down our afternoon before a delicious dinner cooked by Glenn and Maria, the Annual Halloween Parade was taking place down the street at the White House. Various government bodies were there to provide entertainment to guests, including NASA (who brought an inflatable rocket), the Department of Transportation (more rockets), the Department of Agriculture (Smokey Bear) and the Air Force (whose chorus sang to guests). The White House is beautifully decorated for this fall season, so take a stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue if you are in the city now for a visit.

Time for dinner, another Levain cookie, lots of hugs by the kids and mushy kisses by Bentley and then off for a 3-hour ride back to our home at the Jersey Shore. I'm looking forward to our return visit over the holidays to see the White House Christmas tree, so I'll meet you back here for our D.C. visit - "Part 3".

COVID-19 UPDATE: Most 2 hour parking areas have been extended to all day. And, most hotels will service a room every 3 days.

Thanks for the read!


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