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Frank Sinatra Tribute Artist Michael Martocci Hosts Birthday Bash Concert at Resorts Atlantic City

Sinatra tribute artist Michael Martocci stars in Frank Sinatra's Birthday Bash, a tribute show with many special guests and a live 22 piece orchestra. This all takes place Saturday December 10th at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City - click here for tickets. Let's get to know Michael via the questions below, and here's a quick synopsis of the show from the Resorts website.

Michael Martocci presents Frank Sinatra's birthday bash, a multi-media musical tribute that celebrating the illustrious career of Frank Sinatra’s and the 40th anniversary of Mr. Sinatra’s last performance on the Superstar Theater stage.

Starring Michael Martocci, who is one of the best Sinatra Tribute Artists in the business today. So much that Mr. Sinatra’s manager Eliot Weisman, has boasted that, “Michael is the closest you will ever come to reliving the Sinatra experience.” Michael is backed by Dean Schneider and the 22-piece Ol’ Blue Eyes Orchestra playing all the original Sinatra orchestrations. Joining Michael will be fan favorite and Superstar Theater alumnus Brandon Tomasello along with local performers; Sonny Averone, Zach Taglioli, Joanie Schneider & Sunday Grasso.

It’s a must for the Sinatra Fan! Besides the Sinatra classics expect some Holiday Favorites as well.

A Q&A with Sinatra Tribute Artist Michael Martocci:

Tell us about the event at Resorts for Frank Sinatra's Birthday Bash, what can guests expect? We are all there to celebrate the career and music of Francis Albert Sinatra. It’s very personal, to me performing on the same stage that Mr. Sinatra did when he exclusively performed at Resorts in the late 70’s and early 80’s. It was 1978 when Mr. S made his Resorts International debut. I was 17 years old and it was the first time I saw him perform live. Joining in the celebration will be local favorites Sonny Averona, Jr, Brandon Tomasello, Zach Taglioli, Joanie Schneider and Sunday Grasso. AC Mike will host the festivities along with Dean Schneider and the 22 piece orchestra. The show will feature a multi-media presentation that will include videos and photos to go along with the music.

What led you to being so passionate about Frank?

I discovered the music as a toddler as it was always present at our home growing up. My Dad was a close friend of a close Sinatra associate, so you can say that Sinatra was like family! Later on in life I got to work with the Sinatra organization which was a dream job. So the music has been in me my entire life.

What's it like working with Brandon?

Brandon is a pain! I never liked him. LOL Nah, doing a little Don Rickles on ya! It's guys like Brandon, the next generation, that have to keep this music alive. Sinatra, before he died, was very emphatic about his music lasting a lifetime. Not much his name, but more his music. Brandon is one of those guys I can count on doing that. His passion and knowledge of the Man and his music is astounding.

If you had to choose a favorite song, what would it be and why?

Wow, that’s a tough one. There is such a body of work. How about my top 5 to sing. Cycles, Under My Skin, That’s Life, You and Me and My Way. What's the funniest fan experience? Craziest?

Nothing crazy. It's Sinatra music and fans we are talking about. The fans have serious knowledge and appreciation of the music we are interpreting. You don’t do it right, they will turn on you. Sorry I don’t have funky stores for your readers. Why is it important to continue the legacy of Frank? You will never find a singer who gave you his heart and guts in every song. The orchestrations were written by some of the greatest arrangers to ever pick up the pen. And the lyrics are priceless. It as a man in a tux holding a microphone with some of the best musicians in the world behind him. No pyrotechnics, no gimmicks just raw talent. Are you friendly with his family, and if so, what's a piece of advice or two that was given to you, that you'll never forget? Unfortunately I am not friendly with the family, but I am close to all the people that worked closely with him. The best advice? Eliot Weisman, Frank Sinatra’s manager, has given me so much advice that has molded me to the performer I am today. Just too much to write. Where can we find more information about you?

My website Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo!

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