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'Healing For The Soul' Chicken & Potato Recipe Bringing South Jersey Community Together

Local entrepreneur, family man and founder of "Healing for the Soul", Andre Murphy, is no stranger to helping the community. He's someone I've known and admired for many years, as his business ventures always had a common theme of serving people in the area. Now he can add Chef to that list, and let me tell you, when you couple his cooking skills with his passion, it's certainly a recipe for success.

Check out 6 questions with Andre:

1. Tell us more about this fundraiser, what's the inspiration behind it? 

It's a weekly fundraiser that kicked off on 7/12. I wanted to develop a long-term fundraiser campaign to reach neighboring communities and leaders to come taste the goodness. Our goal is to aid with the healing process, with the ongoing pandemic crisis and the racial tension that has been dividing us more and more. Our soulful signature dish would be the centerpiece to bring communities together over comfort food that’s “Healing For The Soul”.

2. Who is part of the team?

We have our Bishop Wondell Johnson the overseer, myself , Karl Burrows, my daughters Nylah Murphy, DeAndre Murphy and Vivian Hudgins and a few of the church members.  

3. How did you come up with the idea? 

The concept came from my kids they wanted me to introduce my food to the public either to open a restaurant or to start a food truck business. So, I introduced our  "Chicken & Potatoes dish to the church and they loved it!! This dish has been in our household for over 25 years, and my mother perfected it - she gets all the credit bless her soul. 

4. Where do the proceeds go?

All of the proceeds goes to Grace Tabernacle Church.

5. Why is this important for our community?

Our movement "Healing For The Soul" is developed to tour the South Jersey communities. We are focused on unifying our local area through our soulful signature dish "Murphy's Chicken N Potatoes". The plan is to introduce this dish in other surrounding churches and community centers throughout the area.

6. How can someone help?

If they are unable to make it over to our weekly fundraiser, they can give a donation online through the church's Cash App $GTC2020.

Their weekly fundraiser is every Friday from noon-5pm and consists of 3 tents outside of the Community Life Center in Pleasantville, NJ. This allows residents to pull up and purchase their dish in pints or quarts without getting out of your vehicle. 


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