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Loveladies: LBI Beach Mansions. Contemporary Splendor. Even Former Life-Saving Station is a Home.

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Contemporary home viewed from the beach. All photos by R.C. Staab

Loveladies stands out on LBI, not only for its unusual name but also for its large, contemporary homes that showcase 21st century architecture and trends. Along the Jersey Shore, Loveladies has some of the most striking houses rather than typical new-home construction that relies on New England-inspired accents like turrets, gabled roofs and small windows.

Only Deal, the Elberon section of Long Branch rival Loveladies for outstanding contemporary design. While these towns have some amazing contemporary homes, only Loveladies seems to have truly embraced this architectural trend.

Loveladies and nearby North Beach are part of Long Beach Township but separated by the Borough of Harvey Cedars. Keep this in mind as you buy beach badges and consider where to park.

With a name like Loveladies, you'd expect Victorian...

Large lots with landscaping

Along the main thoroughfare, Long Beach Boulevard, there are several large lots that extend all the way from the dunes to the ocean. Much care and time has been spent by their owners on landscaping rather than the typical LBI house with a limited footprint and only a few trees or bushes to accent properties.

Private streets means limited parking

Because most side streets are private without public parking, about the only way to truly enjoy these properties is taking a leisurely stroll along the ocean near the dunes or walking along busy Long Beach Boulevard.

Be aware of parking restrictions!


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Remnants of LBI's Life-Saving Service Station

Before there was the United States Coast Guard, there was the United States Life-Saving Service. In 1848, NJ Congressman William Newell advocated for a law to establish eight unmanned lifesaving stations from Sandy Hook to Long Beach Island (including northern LBI) to provide "surf boat, rockets, carronades and other necessary apparatus for the better preservation of life and property from shipwreck".

By 1878, the volunteer life-saving role was assumed by a new federal agency, the Life-Saving Service, which refurbished, replaced or built 40-plus stations from Sandy Hook to Cape May and many more along the nation's coastlines including several on LBI.

In 1871, a life-saving service station was built in Loveladies. The station was closed in 1933 and was eventually incorporated into a private home on Long Beach Boulevard -- one of about a dozen station buildings on the Jersey Shore that are now rebuilt or remodeled as private homes.

From 1871 through 1914, the Service aided 28,121 vessels, and rescued or aided 178,741 persons. It's unofficial motto: “Remember, you have to go out, but nothing says you have to come back.”

Where Loveladies gets its name

Like Asbury Park, Bradley Beach, Lavallette and Ortley Beach, the community is named after a person. After the life saving station was established in 1871, locals wanted to give it a name. Adjacent to the station was a small island owned by Thomas Lovelady. The area became known as Lovelady's and eventually in 1952, the community was officially named Loveladies.

Tips for Visiting Loveladies and North Beach

What's New: Nothing major to report.

Access and Parking: To reach Long Beach Township's northern areas that include Loveladies and North Beach head north on Long Beach Boulevard. Don't try to make any sense of the numbered streets because there is no consistency from neighborhood to neighborhood. Parking is difficult in Loveladies, although there is free parking at beach access points at Dolphin Lane, Coast Avenue, Loveladies Lane and Seashell Lane. There is much more street parking in North Beach.

Amenities: None

Beaches: Beach badges are required daily from June 18 to Labor Day for people 12 years and older. Full season badges are $45 for this age range and $5 for people 65 years and older. Weekly badges are $20. Daily badges are $10. There is no cost for people 11 years of age and under.

Loveladies section of Long Beach Township
North Beach section of Long Beach Township

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