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A Spooky Tradition: The Haunted Dinner Experience at Menz Restaurant & Bar

As the leaves turn and a chill settles in the air, there's something enchanting about the approach of October. For the Brymax brothers, this time of year signifies more than just pumpkin patches and trick or treating. It's the annual pilgrimage to the Haunted Dinner Experience at Menz Restaurant & Bar, nestled in the heart of Rio Grande, New Jersey.

Ghosts, Ghouls, and Gastronomy: A Haunted Affair

The Brymax brothers have made it a heartwarming tradition to visit the Haunted Dinner Experience at Menz Restaurant & Bar every October. Located at 985 Route 47 South, Rio Grande, the restaurant transforms into a spine-tingling wonderland that's perfect for kids and families seeking a unique Halloween adventure.

Picture this: you step into Menz Restaurant & Bar, a place renowned for its friendly ambiance and mouthwatering dishes. But as October arrives, the atmosphere shifts dramatically. The restaurant undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis, turning into a haunted sit-down dinner like no other. The brothers describe it as a mesmerizing experience, where you're immersed in a world of eerie decorations, dimly lit corners, and a palpable sense of mystery.

Delights Beyond the Spooks

While the ghostly ambiance might be the initial draw, the real treat lies in the delectable offerings Menz Restaurant & Bar presents. Amidst the spooky surroundings, their Chicken Parmesan shines as a highlight. Tender chicken breast, coated with a perfect blend of herbs and spices, topped with luscious marinara sauce and melted cheese, this dish is a true delight for the taste buds. It's no wonder the Brymax brothers find themselves returning for more year after year.

Mark Your Calendar for a Spine-Chilling Experience If you're feeling the itch to join the Brymax brothers on their Haunted Dinner Experience, make sure to plan ahead. This popular event tends to sell out quickly. The Haunted Dining room will be open from September 29 to October 29, running every Thursday through Sunday. Remember, reservations can't be made online – give them a call at 609-886-9500 to secure your spot. For more information and reservations, you can also visit their website at

Relive the Thrills: Brymax Brothers' YouTube Tour Can't wait to experience the spooktacular adventure for yourself? The Brymax brothers have got you covered. If you're curious about what the Haunted Dinner Experience entails, you can catch a glimpse of their previous visits on their YouTube page. Watch their thrilling journey through the transformed restaurant, from the eerie decorations to the scrumptious dishes that await. As October approaches, the Brymax brothers eagerly anticipate another unforgettable Haunted Dinner Experience at Menz Restaurant & Bar. Join them in embracing the spooky spirit, delectable dining, and cherished family traditions that make this annual adventure truly special.


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