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Northeast Philadelphia Boasts DanceSport Studio Grand Opening

It was a proud and exciting moment for Eric Groysman at the official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of his new dance studio Sunday night. On February 27, the VIBE DanceSport (IG vibe_dancesport, FB Vibe DanceSport) team celebrated the long-awaited grand opening with friends and family at a black-tie gala, with cocktails, food and festivities. Two years of anticipation and hard work yielded the gem at the intersection of Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties.

Groysman, owner and coach, specializing in International Latin, is the son of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. “He’s a good son,” dad smiles, “I want a bright future for him, that’s the goal.” And his passion is dance. It was a pleasure to see him burn up the floor with his featured performance of the evening. As former fellow dancer and friend Daniel Klochenok said, “he’s super dedicated to what dancing truly means for everybody”, and it shows!

Eric Groysman and Nina Mayster

Groysman is supported by his second-in-command studio manger and longtime girlfriend, Nina Mayster. “They have been preparing for this since the beginning,” father Alex Mayster speaks of the couple. “She started dancing when she was two, three years old. I have photos of her in my phone.” A parent’s pride for their child always glows and was on full display with this new beginning.

The night went all out, with great music, violin solo and a charismatic bartending service. Calvin Palmer’s Taste of the Islands brought the fun and kept the liquid courage flowing. (IG @calvinpalmer83, FB TASTEOFTHEISLANDSBARTENDING) And all for the love of dance. Eric found his calling to the art at the age of eleven, with Latin Ballroom. He fell in love with the sport immediately and has since continued to grow and excel, winning multiple honors and awards. Friends and former competitors describe Eric as a “heartless competitor; He will crush you!” they laughed, as everyone mingled outside before doors opened fashionably late. When asked if they thought he was nervous for this grand opening, they unanimously agreed he’d been ready for this for a while. And it is a welcome offering at the plaza, taking over a vacant office and bringing a taste of the arts.

Me, enjoying myself thoroughly at the black-tie event.

So whether you are a seasoned champ or have never tried ballroom styles before, call them up and schedule your class today! They will have you whirling and twirling in their new, fantastic state-of-the-art space. Happy dancing!

Call 215-528-0049 or stop in at 15501 Bustleton Ave.


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