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Sabrina Carpenter: An Underrated Gem

Photo Credit: Matthew Lutkins / BUNS

In my humble opinion, Sabrina Carpenter is the greatest pop star of all time. Aside from being the greatest pop star, she’s also the most underrated talent on the scene today. Bold statements, I know, but hear me out. Sabrina’s been churning out hits since the age of 13 when she released her first single, 'Can’t Blame a Girl For Trying'. Her debut single, a quirky and cute number about trying to win over your first crush, earned her top of the charts on Radio Disney and her first award, a Radio Disney Music Award. Quite the feat for a thirteen year old.

Since that release, Sabrina has not taken a break from putting out impeccable pop music while simultaneously evolving and maturing her sound. She’s released 5 albums and had over 25 singles to date including 'On Purpose', 'Sue Me', and 'Almost Love'. However, her music has seemed to only reach a niche audience of diehard stans (who call themselves Carpenters, a play on the artists last name) and pop music lovers. While her singles may not have charted, they were appreciated and well received by those with a passion for pop music. Buzzfeed even named Sabrina's 2016 single 'On Purpose' the 'Most Underrated Pop Song of 2016', a statement I totally agree with.

Source: Interscope

Sabrina has done an excellent job at shedding her teeny bopper image and transforming into main stream pop girly material. Earlier this year, Sabrina put out her latest album ‘emails i can’t sent’ under her new label Interscope. This album finally garnered Sabrina some of the accolades she deserves. The album was rated one of Rolling Stones top 50 albums of 2022, and her single ‘Because I Liked A Boy’ also made Rolling Stones countdown of the best songs of 2022. Alongside this accomplishment, Billboard ranked her #19 on their Best Albums of 2022 List. Sabrina writes candidly and vulnerably on the album about her experiences with family, love and heartbreak and all the stages in between, and a tough couple of years. Carpenter uses her unique storytelling abilities to have her songs take you to the exact moment and headspace the starlet was in when penning the album. She paints a vivid image for listeners and speaks openly with the person on the receiving end of the song. The album led to a tour that sold out entirely in under 10 minutes. Sabrina was able to showcase her amazing live vocals, charismatic personality, and dance routines to sold out audiences all over the United States night after night.

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