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Serendipity 3: An Instagrammable and Delightful Destination in AC

Serendipity 3 arrived this Spring in Atlantic City! It is located in The District at Ocean Casino Resort. Known for their frrrozen hot chocolate and over-the-top desserts, the new location offers a unique dining experience and an instagrammable dream-world atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a new spot for brunch, a birthday celebration or a fun bachelorette party, make your reservations now as no doubt this place will quickly book up even with 8,000 square feet at the location.

I had the chance to visit and sample some of their offerings this past weekend. I had to get the frrrozen hot chocolate of course. Being a chocolate and peanut butter fan, I ordered the one with peanut butter chips. Their dessert creations and cocktails are best shared as they are gigantic, fun and picture-worthy. Another standout was the "ferris wheel sampler" which included pretzel bites, chicken fingers, popcorn shrimp, mozzarella sticks and onion rings. I also had the "home base sliders" which were cooked to perfection.

But the biggest draw is the venue itself from the giraffes holding chandeliers in their mouths to the larger-than-life portrait of ambassador Selena Gomez to the ceiling of clouds. Be ready to take in both the visual party that is Serendipity 3 as well as the gastronomic experience.

For more information, the full menu & reservations:

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