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Meet the King & Queen of the Jersey Shore AirBnb

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

As summer quickly approaches, the opportunity to rent your property does too. offers you the resources to list your property with the help of professionals, hassle-free and securely.

Jeff and Jenn Giangiulio, Founders of Superhost began renting their home for one weekend each month to help them pay their mortgage in 2013. Shortly into doing so, the couple started to see the joy and love they had for hosting guests, so they bought another home for short-term rent on sites such as Airbnb. After a year of doing this, the home was rented 90% of the year, and that motivated them to help their friends do so as well. Realizing they could turn this into a full time business, they put their thinking caps together and created Superhost. They took a risk, and put everything into creating this proprietary platform which creates a way for people to list their property hassle-free and securely. Read more about their personal journey here!

  • Superhost doesn't just simply list your property on one site. They list it on over 350+ sites including Marriott Homes and Villas - which as of the date of this interview, they are the only company local to NJ who is approved for that!

  • Ongoing SEO and pricing Optimization

  • Offers you your personal booking and messaging team

  • Screening guests using propriety framework and software

  • Coordinating cleaning, maintenance, restocking, and more

  • Unlike most sites Superhost has a team ready to answer any questions and concerns you may have

  • Helps you to earn a steady income

  • They have an on staff revenue manager that runs promotions combined with pricing tools to optimize your income.

  • They don't lock you in and make you go under their Airbnb profile, which other companies make you do.

The City Pulse had the opportunity to speak with Jeff and Jenn about this amazing opportunity and platform, and here are some other key facts. Superhost is unlike many other sites, their mission is to ease the process that comes along with renting your property. The company offers 24/7 availability to reach their team, which is not common with other popular brands like Airbnb. No matter if you're the guest or the homeowner, they will answer your call, which will save you time and stress. Their team works hard using their expertise to keep your rental rented, allowing you to build a steady income!

Looking to Rent?

Superhost is also a platform for people to find rentals. They have over 30 different rental properties available in the area, including the Jersey Shore, Philadelphia, and Pocono area. Superhost is also offering a savings deal of 15% on these select locations. You can learn more here!

Give us a breakdown of how the process works?

Schedule a call with us here: or email us at (NOT com) to learn more and receive our agreement details.

Simple 3 step process after agreement is finalized:

1 - OWNER to fill out a questionnaire

2 - HOST to provide and review a 150-point inventory list of all necessary and recommended items for your property

3 - Kickoff call to confirm questionnaire answers, review recommendations and finalize exact cutover time What are 3 pieces of advice you can give someone looking to set their home up with your service? 1. Make sure to furnish your home as nice as possible. No matter what we do to get visibility to your property, we can't beat what a nicely furnished eye catching home does for you.

2. Opt for professional pictures. It has been shown that there is a 40% increase when professional vs non-professional photos are used.

3. Add as many amenities as possible, because it sets you apart. Choose to be pet friendly, create parking if you can, add a grill, and showcase balconies.

Basically, most homeowners just want to earn better income, have quality guests and more free time. And that's where comes in, so sign up today!

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