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Wildwood Cancels July 4th Fireworks

Wildwood officials made the call on Tuesday to cancel the Fourth of July firework extravaganza, due to social distancing concerns, as Mayor fears the public isn't following the rules.

The decision comes on the heels of Governor Murphy's decision to pause the reopening of indoor dining.

Many residents and visitors took to social media to express their feelings about the cancellation, some felt it insane while others felt it was a hard, but necessary call.

While Mayor Pete Byron stressed that the city was prepared to continue the beloved Independence Day tradition, after previously announcing the movement of the celebration to the widest part of the Wildwoods, the delay of indoor dining was a wake-up call of sorts.

“We cannot take the chance that the public will be unable to practice social distancing due to crowds," said Commissioner of Public Safety, Steve Mikulski.

The Mayor spoke of the bigger picture and what a spike in cases could mean not just for the remainder of the summer, but the future of wildwood businesses.

"We can’t take a chance that Wildwood sees a spike in cases and shuts down our businesses who have already suffered immensely due to closures.”

The city acknowledged the disappointment this causes visitors and are hoping to announce a decision on the future of the traditional Friday night fireworks in Wildwood soon.

The fireworks may be off, but wildwood still plans to move ahead with the reopening of amusement rides and waterparks on Thursday.

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