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Wildwood Daze: A hotter than July Saturday night on the Boards photojournal.

Here are some sights and sounds from a Saturday night walking the Wildwood boards.

Adventure Pier lighting up the July night.

A snapshot of the action outside of the Mariners Landing ride pier (the centerpiece of the trio of Morey's Piers).

Click above and bring the Boardwalk to life.

The lighted spectacle of the Mariner's Landing Ferris wheel (far away and close-up). It's the beacon of the boards.

Click above and animate the light show of rides.

Mack Attack: When you're walking the boards in Wildwood a slice from Mack's is a must. But bring some bills with you. Mack's is cash only.

Free samples of Dole Whips being offered up. Who says no to that???!!!

A North Wildwood tradition. I spent many a quarter at Ed's during summer shore visits growing up. We stayed right around the corner.

Calling the action at a boardwalk game stand

What exactly goes on in "What Goes On'? Well, let' take a look.

The tram car traveling through a bustling boardwalk.

Oh, and watch the tram car please.

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