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Exploring Washington, D.C. and "NoMa"

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

This past weekend we moved our son and his girlfriend into Washington, D.C. - their new home for the next two years. I was excited to "discover" the city after years of school trips and childhood family vacations. They didn't just move to "D.C." proper, it's actually a very cool, artsy, hipster, gastronomic revitalized section of this patriotic city called "NoMa" (North of Massachusetts Avenue). There is some irony here, as they just moved from Massachusetts!

NoMa is filled with coffeehouses (check out Ebenezers - ), breweries (Red Bear ), boutiques and restaurants.

Glenn has been excited about this move for a long time, and it was finally here. I was excited too, as not only would my son be closer to home, but I would also get to re-discover this cornerstone of democracy. And, I LOVE to travel. I am game to hop on a plane, a train, a boat, or in the car to go absolutely anywhere! So, let's go together!

First, the ride was so easy and quick making it from my beloved Jersey Shore to D.C. in 3 hours flat! Upon arriving in D.C., I noticed that there were buildings everywhere, not skyscrapers, but let's say, 15-story buildings, which gives you great views from almost anywhere you go.

First stop, Glenn's new apartment which is a WOW. Our first apartment was definitely just a starter; we had a few rooms and the laundry room was in the basement. Now, many of these "apartments" are full of luxuries like game rooms (we love our shuffleboard), a party room, a kids play room which looks like the one at the Monmouth Museum (no kidding!!!) and a gym. But I have to admit, my favorite luxury here is the rooftop deck on the 15th floor with an infinity pool (with a handicap lift chair) complete with tables and grills and a view of the Capital. Although the view of the Capital is fabulous by day, seeing it lit up at night is just plain spectacular!

After the move in, we walked everywhere! My family and friends tease me as I am always

taking pictures, but a tourist I am and proud to be. On Sunday, we clocked our walk in at 10 miles, which included: The Capital, The Washington Monument, The Lincoln Memorial, The World War II Memorial, The Vietnam Memorial, The Holocaust Museum, The National Museum of African American History and Culture, The White House and more. Plus, we sprinkled in a few necessary food stops along the way for some fried chicken on a donut and of course, the local brewery and Tatte for coffee and dessert (NEW to DC - As a reminder, due to the Pandemic and as of the date of this article, the many museums in the city offer free timed entry passes and must be purchased in advance, so please check their individual websites for further information.

I love to explore, and I also love food. I'm not a great cook as my life has always been pretty busy and honestly, I just think people cook much better than I do. I could dine in a different restaurant every night with a different cuisine every night. So, why should this trip be any different?

To do this, start at the Union Station Market where there are restaurants, rooftop dining, a Volkswagen bus which serves margaritas, a meat market, fish market, donuts, coffee, drinks, music, shops and more! It is not to be missed on your next visit, and definitely plan to visit with an appetite.

After the first day's "tour", it was time for some serious dining, and I discovered O-Ku in my reading travels. Dining on their rooftop deck was awesome but their food was even more awesome! From sushi of every kind, to what you have never seen before, you will find it here. I also ordered a basic dish of vegetable rice and honestly, I will drive back to O-Ku ( just for this dish! Yum! (A special thank you to our waitress from New Jersey and Kimbel for welcoming us to "the neighborhood" with a special house dish of wild mushrooms (soy & mirin glaze with sea salt)!

I'm looking to further explore this city during our visit next month and also during the holidays, so I'll keep you updated with all the happenings!

Thanks for the read!



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