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Hey Kid & Parents! UWS Scavenger Hunt at 4pm Thur at Mochi Dolci. Plus Taste Donuts & Bubble Tea.

Think you know all about the Upper West Side? Or just want have a fun scavenger hunt? Come out at 4pm this Thursday, April 20 to Mochi Dolci, 222 W. 79th Street and explore nearby historic site and famous places from 83rd and 63rd Streets. It's free!

Decipher the clues to the find the place where a famous blue singer recorded, where railroad once ran through Manhattan and where 300,000 come each year to play (not Central Park...).


Explore Manhattan with Friends & Family with NYC Scavenger Hunt

Be a part of it, New York, New York. Discover 350 reasons that Manhattan is the top of the world when you buy NYC Scavenger: The Ultimate Search for New York City's Hidden Treasures. Follow the clues to 15 neighborhoods from Battery Park to Inwood, river to river.


Scavenger Hunt Quiz Sheet. Each clue includes a four-line riddle and a photograph that is typically a close-up of part of a building or site that can be seen from the street or sidewalk. All you need is a pen and a phone with a camera.

You can pre-register here at eventbrite

We start at 4pm, spread out through the Upper West Side and come back at 5:15pm to check everyone's answers. Winners will be decided on correct number of written answers. =

The Scavenger Hunt is based on the new book, NYC Scavenger: The Ultimate Search for Manhattan Treasures now available online at or at New York/New Jersey book stores. Author, travel writer and playwright/lyricist R.C. Staab walked every Manhattan neighborhood from Battery Park to Inwood and from river to river to set you on this one-of-kind journey to embrace the nation’s tallest skyscrapers, world-class museums, mouth-watering restaurants, celebrated statues, unusual streets and homes and decorative subway stations.

Mochi Dolci is one of the newest and coolest places on the Upper West Side. Mochi translates to “sweets” in Japanese and Dolci translates to “sweets” in Italian. The owners love their community and hope to keep giving back. Neighborhood kids have a place to hang out while enjoying Boba Tea, Mochi Donuts and Korean hotdogs. In the back is a special place for parents.

Stop by at 4pm this Thursday, April 20.

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