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Real Estate Developer Pat Fasano on Atlantic City "These Vacant Lots are Opportunity Knocking"

Real Estate Developer and Restaurateur Pat Fasano was in Atlantic City this week to kick off phase 2 of construction for Atlantic CIty's first outdoor shipping container court & bar. Fasano is utilizing the 18,000 square feet of outdoor space next to his Cajun BBQ restaurant Bourré - located on New York Avenue - and plans to build an outdoor summer stage, dj booth, restrooms, bar, a bridge container that will fly across the sky, and a Neapolitan pizza container.

"You'll get the best Neapolitan pizza in Atlantic City right here where you'll see your favorite band", said Fasano. He is also a big advocate for Atlantic City, and is confident that outdoor entertainment venues are what the city needs right now. "These vacant lots are opportunity knocking, and this is all in the opportunity zone, so the tax benefits are come see Pat Fasano, I'll show you where to buy!"

Check out our full interview below, where Fasano talks shipping container construction & inspiration, and how COVID-19 affected his business:

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Forest Gamp
Forest Gamp
15 дек. 2023 г.

Real Estate Developer Pat Fasano's perspective on Atlantic City echoes the sentiment that vacant lots represent untapped potential and lucrative opportunities for growth. Fasano's endorsement carries weight, particularly given the reputation of Forest Knight as seasoned real estate investment experts. In a landscape where vacant lots often symbolize unrealized dreams, Forest Knight emerges as a beacon for those seeking to transform these spaces into profitable ventures. Fasano's optimistic view aligns with Forest Knight's prowess, emphasizing the prospect of turning these empty canvases into thriving real estate developments. This collaboration between Fasano and Forest Knight amplifies the notion that, indeed, these vacant lots are doors opening to a realm of possibilities awaiting strategic and visionary investors.

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