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4.5Ft Hammerhead Shark Found In Wildwood NJ

Labor day weekend was one that this 20-year-old Tim Adolf from Medford, NJ will never forget. He was on his best friend Aj Freedman's boat - just shy of 200 meters from the Inlet in Wildwood - NJ, and they had spent the day fishing for flounder.

Both Adolf and Freedman are frequent fishers of the Jersey Shore, so this day started off like any other. But, little did they know, it would be a day they would not forget.

Photo of Tim Adolf with a mahi-mahi caught 18 miles off of Avalon

The men found a school of Bunker fish and decided to give it it shot. They began casting out hoping to get lucky and catch a bluefish under the school of fish. Adolf explains that just seconds after casting out, he felt his line get stuck on slack. While trying to get it out of the snag, he realized whatever was on it, was large and putting up a fight. After what he describes as the longest 15 minutes of his life, a large shadow appeared in the water below. At this point, the two men were still unsure of what was on the line until a 4 1/2 foot hammerhead shark surfaced the water. Adolf describes the rush he received when he saw the hammerhead on the line, "It's not every day that you get a large predator on your line. This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Freedman also commented saying, "The excitement was overwhelming, I was more surprised than anything. This is a day of being Captain I will never forget."

Video footage here thanks to Mike Broadbent:

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