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Tiniest (and newest) Jersey Shore Town --Loch Arbour. Like Brigadoon, it appeared from the mist.

Loch Arbour's beach and the James V. Kiely Pavilion in the mist. All photos by R.C. Staab

Loch Arbour is a tiny, mysterious Scottish village on the Jersey Shore that appeared for the first time in 1957. Unlike the mythical Brigadoon, Loch Arbour is there to see every day, although you may never notice it while walking on the beach or driving north from Asbury Park or south from Allenhurst.

Only two blocks long from north to south and only one tenth of a square mile in size, Loch Arbour is undeniably the smallest beach town on the Jersey Shore. Less than 200 people live there, so you're not likely to run into a Loch Arbouran at the grocery store.

There are no school and less than a half dozen businesses. Deal Police are contracted to provide Loch Arbour enforcement services. Like Allenhurst, the speed limit is much lower than its neighbors. The police are on the lookout for speeders.

Newest Jersey Shore Town

The area that is now Loch Arbour was originally part of Ocean Township when it was created in 1849. In 1957, Ocean Township lost its oceanfront and its namesake when residents seceded


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from the township to create the Village of Loch Arbour, named after the town of Lochaber, Scotland. The reason for leaving was opposition to proposed condos on the beach. Since then the town's residents have rejected plans to rejoin Ocean Township, merge with Allenhurst or merge with Interlaken, the borough to its west that seceded from Ocean Township in 1922.

Tips for Visiting Loch Arbour

What's New: Deal Lake Bar & Co at Main Street and Edgemont Drive with a view of Asbury Park.

Road Access & Parking: There is no charge for parking on most streets. There are a few meters on Ocean Place near beach that required payment in season. Use the FlowBird app (seriously, that's the name) for payment.

Amenities: With your beach badge, you can access the outdoor shower and restrooms for the daily beach badge holders at the James V. Kiely Pavilion which was named after the former president of the Loch Arbour Board of Trustees.

Beaches: Beach badges are only required weekends from May 29 through June 20 and then daily from June 21 to September 6. Daily beach badges are $10 Monday through Thursday and $12 Friday through Sunday and holidays. Seasonal beach badges are $110 for people 12 and older.

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