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C'est Bon Cape May: Chalfonte Hotel Tour Part #3

Remember scenes like this?

As we start the new year by digging out from a freak snowstorm doesn't Summer, or even Spring for that matter, sure seem a long ways off? Well, it sort of is because old man winter is running the show and snow for another 75 days and cold nights. As for summer? 167 days away but look on the bright side it's just 146 days till Memorial Day! OK, that's not just around the corner either I get it. But what if you could unplug from the here and now and return to a Cape May warm, sunny and green as opposed to wintery, sunny, and coated in white? Well you can, sort of. You see through the magic of the Internet and video technology you pop in the earbuds, heat up some cocoa or brew tea, coffee (spirit beverage add-ons optional) to watch the video below. Soak up the May afternoon with the venerable and legendary Cricket Satterfield as your guide back to spring and the third part of a tour he graciously gave on the even more venerable and legendary Chalfonte Hotel.

The Cricket Satterfield tour continues where we left off in part 2. Join Cricket as takes us through the hallways, byways and grounds of the Chalfonte while he talks about the hotel's rich history including the its African-American history with Theodore, Helen, Dot, and Lucille, a visit from Phil Donahue, the most popular place to tie the knot, the former children's dining room, tells us the secret to making great fried chicken and more.

Ready for lift-off as Sherman sets the way back machine to May 2021 landing in Cape May, NJ commencing countdown, engines on in 3, 2, 1..

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