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C'est bon Cape May: Cabana chillin' at the beach.

There is nothing quite like a day at beach and finally I had some time to go. Fortunately, my home away from home, The Chalfonte Hotel offers a great deal where you get 2 complimentary beach chairs and an umbrella or for just $20 you can get your Cabana. I went for the Cabana experience and what you see below are my observations and explorations Tuesday afternoon at the beach in Cape May.

The downside is that the cabanas are at the back of the beach. However, some of the upsides include Steiger's setting them up for you, plenty of sun protection, and not having to deal with umbrella set-up or the wind picking the umbrella and turning it into a giant-sized lawn dart projectile.

A Cabana-eyed view of the Cape May beach.

NO FREE BEACHES: Unlike neighboring Wildwood to visit the beaches of Cape May you must pay to walk the sun and jump the waves.

No one told that to these two flying-high free bird seagulls soaring above. They don't need no stinkin' tags:

An audio/visual greeting from the beach.

This couple tried their best to set up a sun-protection tent but were bested by those ever-present ocean "breezes."


Took a break from the beach for a taco run to grab fish tacos from the recently opened El Pueblo Taqueria 2 right off the sand on Beach St. They were a tasty treat.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll shut up and let the beach and sea do the talking for me:

As I was capturing this sailboat crossing in front me on the sea I also caught a banner plane coming the opposite direction high above me.

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