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New Cryotherapy Spa In Galloway Brings The Deep Freeze(and more) Back To Atlantic County!

Yes, I know it's already Winter and it's already cold outside...but this is a whole new level of icy.

R3 Sports Recovery is celebrating their Grand Opening this weekend with their first location, opening inside of Atilis Gym in Galloway! I know what you're already asking and the answer is no, you do not need to be a gym member to join! For those who aren't familiar, this form of health recovery is referred to as "Whole-Body Cryotherapy", different from "cool-sculpting" where body sections are isolated. This is way different and totally immersive! Essentially, you step in to a large cylindrical tank where liquid nitrogen is then pumped in. The booth temperature dips to about -240 degrees, bringing your body's surface temperature down between 40-50. The sessions last only 3 minutes and they're the equivalent to 30-45min in an ice bath, which is a recovery and repair technique that's been used by athletes, the culturally-elite and the downright pain-ridden for centuries.

You're right in assuming that it's somewhat of a shock to your body, but that's the point!

The process draws blood away from your extremities and forces your body's natural filtration system to alleviate inflammation and impurities with "new fresh blood". In turn this can help ease aches, pains, migraines and a host of other maladies we face as we grow older and suffer injuries!

The 3 minutes can go fast or feel like a lifetime depending on your cold tolerance!

I had a chance to attend a secret VIP night at the spot, and while I didn't take part in the cryotherapy(I wasn't dressed for the occasion), I was able to take part in their other offering which is called "Compression Boot Therapy" which was AAAAHHHMAZING!

In another means of "out with the bad, in with the good", the compression boots made by Normatec have five zones of compression. The first section is around your feet and it fills up like a blood pressure cuff, pushing blood out of that region. Then the next zone fills up. Then the next and so on. This goes on all the way up to your thighs. The blood is recirculated over and over through your lower body and will help alleviate inflammation.

Let me tell you, I felt RE-BORN after this!

It's not easy wearing these high heels all the time and being so fancy, so my dogs were a-barkin' after a long week. I felt like I had a 30min entire double leg and foot massage. HIGHLY recommend!

R3 Sports Recovery is currently the only Whole Body Cryotherapy spot in Atlantic County and I got the inside scoop that they have plans to continue growing, hoping to bring WBC to more towns around the area, most-likely inside of gyms and health centers. That would be great to bring this back to multiple spots in Atlantic County! Can we get one inside one of the casinos next?!

Congrats to R3 Sports Recovery on their grand opening this weekend, I've attached their admat below with some great specials they're running and members who sign up for a monthly membership this weekend get special locked-in pricing for life, limited to a small amount of members only! Check out their website at and they can be found on IG and FB at @R3SportsRecovery on both platforms!

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