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New Jersey Unemployment: The Waiting Game

In the civil, financial unrest case of “Pending v. Filed 2020”, (as I refer to Governor Murphy’s Unemployment System) a waiting game, the out-of-work citizens of New Jersey are left with an underlying sentiment of complete injustice!

How would you feel, if for no fault of your own, you find yourself unemployed? Then to call upon the system that we pay into to find the first claim is PENDING. In other words: undecided, unfinished, awaiting attention, dependent, hanging, or indeterminate. No one wants to be pending! When you try to call, an automated recording says please call back tomorrow, if you're lucky and persistent you'll eventually get through, and then they tell you Pending! You feel defeated again, blindsided like the rest of the Country with thousands of New Jerseyans waiting (pending) up to eight weeks or more for money to pay their mortgages, bills and cost of living.*

I am not a “social justice warrior” in a tragically divided country, nor do I care which side of the aisle you are on – However, the NJ State Government and Unemployment system must respond to the inefficiencies and inadequacies that have been set forth to thousands of New Jerseyans that have waited months for any resolution in regards to an unemployment claim that was a result the Corona Virus.

The antiquated unemployment system needed to be upgraded years ago, these things happen, OK!! But, a vast amount of claims placed into the New Jersey State Unemployment is due to the closure and limited opening of the largest revenue driving industries in the state: Restaurants - i.e INDOOR DINING !!!! Casino Indoor Dining!!

The Hospitality workers and Restauranteurs need a response and need a solution - NOW. How can we as a community allow this to go on any further? Governor Murphy, can you please trust business owners and staff to adhere to the safety and health guidelines for themselves and OPEN UP THE STATE 100%. ?

I spoke to a local Restaurant Owner in Margate NJ who has remained open since March (following guidelines) and also retained 80% of employees while paying them throughout the shutdown. Now with staff back at 100%, he says that there has not been 1 case of Covid-19 - not one in all of the months he has been executing delivery, take-out, and an expansive outdoor dining facility and more.

Why can’t the Casinos have indoor dining at this point? According to the CDC website Atlantic County has less than two percent of all Covid-19 cases in the state.*

Why can’t independent operators open their dining rooms? The data speaks to my point. Let people go back to work and if you really can’t do that the for the love of humanity FIX YOUR UNEMPLOYMENT SYSTEM!!

photo by Miryam Leon

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