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Time to… step, ball change and PIVOT!!

I spent most of my life in Musical Theatre learning dance combinations, memorizing lyrics & scripts, and exercising my voice! “Pivot” referred to a changing of weight right to left and turning around – actually, it’s not too different in the concept of career changes when one must reinvent oneself. In this case, during a Covid-19 pandemic, national crisis of political unrest, identity politics, industry shattered and shuttered, the ultimate question is, “What do I do now?"

A natural progression years ago for me was transitioning from Theatre to Hospitality. Most of the time, these two industries intersect regardless of choice. The “Emcee Job” for most performers in between gigs is normally waiting tables or tending bar - both in my case. 20 years later I realized that it’s time for another change. Change is scary, it isn’t easy, its uncomfortable (especially for a Taurus) but it is NECESSARY!

I have spent the last 2 months researching and talking with people of all demographics and political standing. The common theme I have found is that we are proud Americans who thrive in adversity, who love challenges and want a chance to do better than our parents and grandparents. The only way we succeed in that is to not give up. When we find ourselves in a place that has challenged our basic freedoms and needs as a society, we don’t tear things down we rise.

For instance, A young lady who had lost her position after 20 years in her late 50’s didn’t sit around and just collect unemployment and stress and worry about how she would never have another job in her chosen industry. Instead, she went online looked at resources through unemployment, and is now getting another degree which is paid for through unemployment.

The great Pivot of 2020, is upon us. We are facing the most important election of our lives, and regardless of your side, we have to vote for our Liberty, our children, grandchildren and their children. We are smart and resilient so let’s remember that. We are Americans, we fought countless wars in the name of Freedom.

So free yourselves to be whatever you can be. Don’t lose steam, don’t lose hope and have faith in your ability to thrive. If you’ve lost your long time position, or cant see the forest through the trees right now, it’s going to change – Time to Pivot – do something you’ve always been afraid to do and do it BIG!

Have Faith, Have Courage, You’re in the greatest Country on EARTH.

Go Go Go!! Pivot, Step, Run Leap , Sing, Dance – Why Not Try!?

Giulietta Consalvo

Photo By Darius Bashar

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