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Join Friends at free WAHI/Inwood Scavenger Hunt, Sat. 4/15. Sign Up or Visit Le Cheile Restaurant.

Do you want to be a part of it, New York, New York? Then here’s your chance to explore Washington Heights and Inwood, the northern most part of the island of Manhattan with a free scavenger hunt this Saturday, April 15.

Decipher the clues to the find the place where the fastest humans of earth race, the historic street lined wooden homes, popular eateries or riverside retreats. Or find a special garden just for butterflies.

How do you join? Stop by Le Cheile Restaurant, 839 W. 181st Street in Washington Heights anytime on Friday, April 14 or anytime before 2 pm on Saturday April 15 and pick up a


Discover Manhattan with Friends & Family with NYC Scavenger Hunt Book

Be a part of it, New York, New York, when you find 350 reasons that Manhattan is the top of the world when you buy NYC Scavenger: The Ultimate Search for New York City's Hidden Treasures. Follow the clues to 15 neighborhoods from Battery Park to Harlem to Washington Heights.


Scavenger Hunt Quiz Sheet. Each clue includes a four-line riddle and a photograph that is typically a close-up of part of a building or site that can be seen from the street or sidewalk. All places can be viewed 24/7 and don’t require entering a building. All you need is a pen and a phone with a camera.

You can pre-register here at eventbrite

With answers and photos in hand, meet at Le Cheile at 4pm, Saturday, April 15. Winners will be decided on correct number of written answers. Tie-breakers will be decided by number of photos from your phone that match the photos below. Enter as a team or individual. Good Luck!

The Scavenger Hunt is based on the new book, NYC Scavenger: The Ultimate Search for Manhattan Treasures now available online at or at New York/New Jersey book stores. Author, travel writer and playwright/lyricist R.C. Staab walked every Manhattan neighborhood from Battery Park to Inwood and from river to river to set you on this one-of-kind journey to embrace the nation’s tallest skyscrapers, world-class museums, mouth-watering restaurants, celebrated statues, unusual streets and homes and decorative subway stations.

Le Cheile Restaurant (pronounced – “leh kay-lah”) is set against stunning views of the George Washington Bridge, nestled off the hillside green banks of the Hudson River Meet friends and neighbors, eat excellent, freshly prepared food, drink merrily from a choice of 12 beers on tap, a fine selection of wines, and a wide assembly of spirits.

Grab friends and family to come to Washington Heights and Inwood this weekend.

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Hey urban explorers! The Wahee Inwood scavenger hunt sounds like a blast and the sense of discovery is what makes our neighborhoods truly special. If you're intrigued by unique hunting experiences outside of the urban landscape, read article for unusual hunting experiences. While our scavenger hunts are centered around the city, exploring the world of night vision can add an exciting twist to activities like wildlife watching or nighttime adventures. Read this article for a different perspective on hunting that embraces something a little different.

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